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  1. Luminol
    by Midwife
  2. I - L
    by Mercury Tracer
  3. Blooming
    by AMULETS
  4. The Nancy Downs
    by The Nancy Downs
    Invoker Invoker
    Indie-goth gospel with sparkling vocals over hypnotic, compelling rhythmic arrangements. Equal parts D.I.Y. labor of love and meticulous theme album.
  5. Mercury Tracer
    by Mercury Tracer
    II II
    Like a single beautiful tone and timbre stretched out into five disparate thoughts, Mercury Tracer is as much a brief meditation on it's subject as it is an exercise in minimalist composition. Nude but intricate melodies that pass like moments but leave a lasting impression.
  6. Opal Encounter
    by RM
  7. Luca
    by Alex Maas
  8. Look At The Sun
    by Ganser
  9. We Are One
    by Mustard Gas and Roses
    Cop Shoot Cop Cop Shoot Cop
    Don't let the larger related projects of MGR members fool you - "We Are One" is a singular piece of work, a thing unto itself and not the cutting room material from other albums. Thoughtful Gira-esque vocals combined with the guitar precision you'd expect from a veteran post-metal star. Come for the Joy Division cover, stay for the gradual and beautiful sonic meltdown of 'cop shoot cop'.
  10. Aelter IV: Love Eternal LP
    by Aelter
  11. Cosmogonie
    by Dysylumn
    Extinction I Extinction I
    Alternating between beautiful and macabre, 'Cosmogonie' is the type of Black Metal album that remains intense from start to finish, taking you to the astral plane and back. The compelling songwriting is complex enough to keep you engaged, but never overdone or cliche.
  12. Forever
    by Midwife
  13. Orga
    by Sum Of R
  14. God Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out Of It
    by Backxwash
  15. Serenity / Rage
    by Desiderii Marginis
  16. The One God
    by Vladimir Frith
    by HOLY FAWN
    by Bliss Blood
  19. PAIN TEENS Born In Blood
    by Bliss Blood
  20. That Which Is Tragic and Timeless
    by Desiderii Marginis