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Simon Simons

  1. Las Palomas, New Mexico
  2. Electronic
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  1. Our Twisted Love E.P.
    by Rose McDowall
    Our Twisted Love Our Twisted Love
  2. Club Homage (Limited Edition) (CD)
    by Jimmy Somerville
  3. Lovers Unlimited EP (CD)
    by Jimmy Somerville & John Winfield
  4. Love-line..Mann Parrish Epic re-mix
    by the Bronskis
  5. Love Line Lover
    by Steve Bronski
  6. Maria EP
    by Steven Jones & Logan Sky
    (Strange)Love (Strange)Love
    I am a Depeche fan as Steven knows, BUT his and Logan's version has floored me, DELICIOUS!!! I am HOPING that they cover a Human League song at some point (please) Thank you SO much for the formats :-) I will BUY downloads if YOU do Formats for us PHYSICAL lads xxx
  7. Empire State Neon
    by Costume Feat. Donna Destri & Steven Jones
    Sugar Me Sugar Me
  8. Strange Magic
    by Steven Jones & Donna Destri
    My Machine My Machine
    This is a very hypnotic, atmospheric track, it puts images of distant red skylines, deserted landscapes and Androids in my mind, very intense played loud and on a loop.
  9. Desire Lines EP
    by Steven Jones & Logan Sky
    Cold Fury Cold Fury
    This track has a very dark, night time feel to could almost be a theme to a 1980's vampire movie, very strong, atmospheric piece.
  10. Polaroids EP
    by Steven Jones & Logan Sky
    Polaroids Polaroids
    Exceptional song, This is another that places images inside the mind, late city nights, neons and glistening streets, nightlife, streetlife....brilliant! Very addictive song and sound...this was the one that made me seek out Steven.