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  1. Camelot Arcade
    by Ceephax Acid Crew
    Creon Happy Creon Happy
    Masterly, somewhat downbeat and all the better for it. Superb composition that will warm your heart rather than make you jump around. Still a tad quirky as you'd expect. But that's the reason you're here. Love it.
  2. Gobi. The Long Edit 2020
    by Monolake
    My god this is brilliant. Literally. Shining composition, layering, filtering, sampling and resampling. Beautiful and expansive.
  3. Colourform
    by Higher Intelligence Agency
    Delta Delta
    Regarded (by me) as one of the best albums of 90s electronic creativity of all time for a reason. From Bobby Bird, so you would expect it be bloody ace without even listening to it. If you have, this is a great reminder of those beautiful early 90s. And, there's sub-bass too. So ensure your sub is aligned...
  4. Crying Suns Original Soundtrack
    by Aymeric Schwartz
    Hostility Hostility
    Soar. Invade. Try escape with your tail between your proverbial legs. How to sound majestic in space while shitting yourself. I enjoy it.
  5. A Midsummer Nice Dream (15th Anniversary Edition)
    by Ochre
    REM Sleep Research REM Sleep Research
    Everything will be OK.
  6. The Journey
    by FRAME
  7. Mercurius
    by Steve Roach
    Mercurius Mercurius
    Your now.
  8. Project Caelus
    by Ochre
    Tugrul Tugrul
    What did you expect? It's wonderful! With Ochre, we're not talking about just sequencing, synthing or arranging, we're talking full-on orchestration. Mysterious and uplifting.
  9. Petl EP
    by Ochre
    Petl Petl
    Pretty and fragile. I love the bass waves towards the end of the title track. You can get closer to God by listening to this EP, fact.
  10. Cottage Industries 8
    by Cottage Industries 8
    Gentle Suburban Cares Gentle Suburban Cares
    Everything you expect from the series, served up very fresh with a huge number of side salads.
  11. The end of words (bandcamp exclusive)
    by Marsen Jules
  12. NETHERWORLD " Over the Summit "
    Iperborea Iperborea
    World being a bit of a cunt? Ice cube penetration in your whiskey glass low? Here's the solution in multiple beauties. Headphones essential.
  13. Alchemy of Ice
    Icepulse Icepulse
    Beautiful. Vast landscapes. Technically achieving the difficult: 3D sound textures in mid-air from the speakers. Very nice indeed.
  14. Journey to Mars
    by Chris Weeks
    II - Curiosity II - Curiosity
    Majestic. This is not the soundtrack to The Martian Chronicles, but it could have been.
  15. Point Of Origin
    by ASC
    Last Known Coordinates Last Known Coordinates
    Nice and hard and resonant.
  16. bike
    by christ.
    gresham flyer dreams gresham flyer dreams
    Is this Christ. EP a simple homage to childhood and bicycles (Chopper)...or a somber reflection on fragility? Gresham Flyer Dreams is my favorite Christ. track of all time. Superb, and timeless.
  17. curio. volume 2.
    by christ.
    moxley moy (4-track original) (1997) moxley moy (4-track original) (1997)
    Proving that it's impossible to have too much of a Christ. archive.
  18. christ. (ben513)
    by christ.
    marsh of epidemics (demo) marsh of epidemics (demo)
    A nice release from dissolved label Benbecula, if you're into Christ. and want to hear some ideas he had earlier on.
  19. covers competition winners
    by christ.
  20. curio. volume1.
    by christ.
    mallan (2004) mallan (2004)
    Treasure trove, and the Christ. sound genesis here.