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  1. What You're Aiming For
    by Tom Slatter
    Immoral Supporters exclusive
    by KNOWER
  3. Time
    by Louis cole
    Things Things
    Why do I love this album?
    FFS listen to it.
    Yep, that's why, bet you feel stupid asking now.
  4. Love in the Universe
    by William D Drake
  5. Ecco l'impero dei doppi sensi
    by Homunculus Res
  6. News From The Invisible World
    by The Fierce And The Dead
  7. Layers
    by Chords of Orion
  8. Three Songs from The Face Bar
    by Tom Slatter
  9. Sing To God Vol I & II
    by Cardiacs
  10. I Have Little To No Memory of These Memories
    by Toehider
  11. For The Sake of Bethel Woods
    by Midlake
  12. Black Water
    by Tom Slatter
  13. Milkmaid Grand Army EP
    by Midlake
  14. Home Of The Newly Departed
    by Knifeworld
    This is the first actual vinyl I have bought brand new for over 30 years. That has to say something. Just fantastic album from start to finish. Essential.
  15. A Little Man And A House And The Whole World Window
    by Cardiacs
  16. 2015 - Mainly Songs About Robots
    by Toehider
  17. Five Will Live, But One Shall Remain Silent
    by Маяк Моэско
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  18. A Face In Your Life
    by Pet Fox
  19. The Beast And Mr Knock
    by Tom Slatter
  20. Anodyne
    by Chords of Orion