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  1. The Horrible Dissonance of Oblivion
    by KVADRAT
    Υπόγειος Λαβύρινθος Υπόγειος Λαβύρινθος
    What a journey. Great album.

    YomaBarr's comment made me notice: "drum programming". Are the drums not recorded? It sounds too real to be true.
  2. perdurance
    by convulsing
    gossamer pall gossamer pall
    YomaBarr, please. "Ulceratish", that is almost an insult. This thing is mastered so well some ulcerated bands could learn a bit.
  3. Seven Crowns and Seven Seals
    by Sulphur Aeon
  4. A Journey told through Fire
    by Sworn
  5. Miracle of Death
    by V A N I S H I N G K I D S
  6. A Dialogue With The Eeriest Sublime
  7. Deformity Adrift: Reformed
    by Nightmarer
  8. Formløse Stjerner
    by TONGUES
  9. Distortions
  10. Monolith of Corrosion
    by Nightmarer
  11. Deformity Adrift
    by Nightmarer
  12. Wither On The Vine
    by Darkest Era
  13. Harrowing
    by Mithridatum
  14. Folium Limina
    by The Otolith
  15. Woe
    by An Abstract Illusion
  16. Uvod…
    by Tishina
  17. Ammanas - Acolythus
    by Ammanas
    This is... damn good. Thanks YomaBarr for the find.
  18. Innate Passage
    by Elder
  19. Voyance
    by Hegemone
  20. Scar Echoes