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  1. MANN
    by Sowulo
  2. Rujnuj
    by Dzivia
  3. Kvile
    by Eldrim
  4. Der Stille Grund - Faun
    by VA
  5. Pusel Ov Aki's Song / Siberia
    by Nytt Land
  6. Brego in Breoste - Single
    by Sowulo
    This has a much darker feel than your previous songs, and whilst I love your other work, this just blows my mind. It is absolutely amazing.
  7. Futha
    by Heilung
    Norupa is playing over and over. I absolutely love it! can not wait till you release the rest of the album!
    by Blòt Heathen
  9. Livandi Trø
    by Eivør
  10. Runaljod - Ragnarok
    by Wardruna
  11. Blodbylgje
    by Katt Ran
    Hypnotic and beautiful. this is in the same league as Suurin for me, it really gives a feeling of a distant time. Absolutely love it.
  12. Mareridt (Deluxe Version)
    by Myrkur
    Bloody Hell... This is spine tinglingly good. It's beautiful. It's peaceful and haunting. it could quite easily be music of Rivendell, and just as easy be the lament of a much loved warrior in Norse times.
    I listened to other stuff but I find the metal music is offensive when accompanying an angelic voice. but this is perfect.
  13. Skald
    by Wardruna
  14. Hyde
    by Siblings Of Samhain
  15. LIFA
    by Heilung
  16. Dark, Dead and Deranged EP
    by Siblings Of Samhain
  17. Två Konungabarn (Bonus Track)
    by Myrkur
  18. Mareridt
    by Myrkur
  19. SOL
    by Sowulo
  20. Alvenrad
    by Sowulo
    To hear music so steeped in "Norse" is wonderful on it's own, but to fuse it with a mournful violin is beautiful.
  21. Dageraad - Single
    by Sowulo
  22. Whispers From The Tower
    by Melechesh
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  23. A Piece for Mind & Mirror
    by Skuggsjá
  24. Hugsjá
    by Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik
  25. Tid
    by Fedrespor
  26. Hugsjá
    by Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik
  27. VINDA
    by Katt Ran
    One of the most peaceable songs I've ever heard. I have three versions of this song, now. as I can not get enough.

    I'm slightly upset the the cover will not download onto my phone. Makes it look like an illegal download.
  28. LYS
    by Katt Ran
    Suurin Suurin
    Bloody Hell... Love it. Its magical.

    OMG... Further listening, SUURIN!!!! Just WOW! Hypnotic
  29. Unmarked
    by Shireen
    Unmarked Unmarked
    This really does hit the right places. Well done, and please continue this wonderful work.
  30. ODAL
    by Nytt Land
    Absolutely brilliant.
    I am so glad they don't use so much of the Jew's Harp. That instrument completely ruined earlier albums, giving an almost comical sound to wonderful songs (please, NYTT, if you read this, please remix the old songs to get rid of that awful noise).
    This album is perfect, and will be played constantly for some weeks. Thank you for this.
  31. I Riden Så
    by Helisir
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  32. Soola
    by Helisir
  33. Godtfolk
    by Songleikr
    Vinda Vinda
    I have only just found this by pure accident. And it is wonderful... It has a freedom feel about it. It makes me close my eyes and appreciate a world of discovery and excitement. I don't understand the words. I don't need to, the rhythm and tone are simply beautiful. Thank you for this gift of song.
    Edit... I think this may be my favourite album, ever!
  34. Gjallarhorni (HelheimMix by AINOMA)
    by Nytt Land
  35. In Maidjan
    by Heilung
  36. Gjallarhorn (Völuspá, 46-48)
    by Nytt Land
  37. Vallåt
    by Kaunan
    Love this track. It takes you to a Norse encampment if you close your eyes and listen.
  38. Víðbláinn
    by Peter Gundry
  39. Úlfhéðnar
    by Dervhengrym