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  1. Field Report Live — The Back Room at Colectivo
    by Field Report
  2. Where Else
    by Humbird
  3. Elsewhere
    by Humbird
  4. Broken Open
    by Natalie Tate
  5. The Bold Sleep So Well
    by A.M. Stryker
  6. Heroes Waking Up
    by Anna Tivel
  7. Out the spheres of The Sorrowful Mysteries
    by Old Earth
  8. physical Errand
    by Old Earth
  9. A Wake in the Wells
    by Old Earth
  10. Lay for June
    by Old Earth
  11. a low place at The Old Place
    by Old Earth
  12. What one could, to these three, be for?
    by Old Earth
  13. Milwaukee to Edinburgh, 2013
    by Old Earth
  14. less words
    by Old Earth
  15. I prefer the ladder
    by Old Earth
  16. light shaped
    by Old Earth
  17. ...until they're called
    by Old Earth
  18. *uncollected voices, on The orchard moan
    by Old Earth
  19. Redbird
    by Redbird
  20. Your Friend Tia
    by Field Report
  21. Waiting For the Lights to Go Out
    by Buffalo Gospel
  22. Sprained Ankle
    by Julien Baker
  23. Saye Lonnie
    by Ladders
  24. How Far
    by Undlin & Wolfe
  25. The Euphemist
    by Asumaya
  26. more perfect.
    by CRASHprez
  27. Ensemble
    by Death Blues
  28. Poetry Volume One - The Shit Talker Tape
    by bliss & alice
  29. Swallow the Anchor
    by Twin Brother
  30. Hoarse as a Crow: Live on Air
    by Buffalo Gospel
  31. And The War Came
    by Shakey Graves
  32. things i remember golden
    by Heidi Spencer and the Rare Birds
  33. Every Man a King
    by Martin Van Ruin
  34. We Can Be Horses
    by Buffalo Gospel
  35. Volume One: I'll Be Rested When the Roll is Called
    by Corpse Reviver
  36. Westbound
    by Shane Leonard
  37. Roll the Bones
    by Shakey Graves
  38. Always Never Again
    by Moth Mountain
  39. The Oh Hellos
    by The Oh Hellos
  40. Field Report
    by Field Report