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  1. Leaving Home (remastered)
    by Solar Fields
    Insum (remastered) Insum (remastered)
  2. RED
    by Solar Fields
  3. GREEN
    by Solar Fields
  4. BLUE
    by Solar Fields
  5. Movements (remastered)
    by Solar Fields
  6. Extended (remastered)
    by Solar Fields
  7. Ourdom
    by Solar Fields
  8. Feelings
    by Solar Fields
  9. Icon (Single)
    Icon Icon
    Damn, I cannot get enough of Nutronic, and especially this track, it's so heckin' catchy!
  10. In Transit Vol. 2
    by Eris
    Modulator Galaxy (Nurture Electro Mix) Modulator Galaxy (Nurture Electro Mix)
    These albums (all of them) are criminally undersold! These are some really catchy tunes! A lil retro, and nice choice of synths/instruments.
    Ideal to listen to while working or learning!
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  11. Stellar Migrations
    by Nicolas Dominique
    Even before I read the description I thought "Wow nice, this sounds like Mass Effect!", so goal achieved I guess? :)
    Love it!
  12. Dog of Wisdom (Remix) [feat. Joe Gran] [Blue Version]
    by The Living Tombstone
    Basically the theme song of the best Youtube video in all of existence :D
  13. Trinity
    by NeuroWulf
  14. Stellar Engine
    by Epic Mountain
  15. Mechanize, Vol. 1: Industrial Hybrid Rock Tracks
    by Atom Music Audio
  16. Reconnect (Single)
  17. Moth Wings (Single)
  18. Code War (Single)
  19. Empathy (Single)
  20. Dog of Wisdom (Remix) [feat. Joe Gran] [Red Version]
    by The Living Tombstone