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  1. 宝石の降る夜に
    by ああああ(AAAA)
    宝石の降る夜に 宝石の降る夜に
  2. A Place to Breathe
    by Syncatto/Charlie Robbins
    Split Split
  3. Coloratura
    by Syncatto
    Look, I'm Dancing Look, I'm Dancing
  4. PSY2K
    by meganeko
    Echolocation Echolocation
  5. scent
    by Farhan Sarasin
  6. DE:TERMINATION (feat. Sagisapon)
    by Farhan Sarasin
    DE:TERMINATION (feat. Sagisapon) DE:TERMINATION (feat. Sagisapon)
  7. Destrier
    by Agent Fresco
    Dark Water Dark Water
  8. What Does It Do
    by Drew Ofthe Drew
    Tail Lights Tail Lights
  9. Reticence: The Musical
    by Art By Numbers
  10. Hallelujah
    by Igorrr
    Tout Petit Moineau Tout Petit Moineau
  11. Strangers
    by Scardust
    Addicted Addicted
  12. The Cost Of Dreaming
    by White Moth Black Butterfly
    Soma Soma
  13. Rise
    by Galia Social
    Fire Fire
  14. Skylight Promenade
    by Lindsay Lowend and Fearofdark
  15. Kyoto Rain
    by The Laszlo Project
  16. Magic Me
    by Imogen Heap
    Magic Me Magic Me
  17. The Quiet
    by Imogen Heap
    The Quiet The Quiet
  18. Last Night Of An Empire
    by Imogen Heap
    Last Night Of An Empire Last Night Of An Empire
  19. Counting The Ghosts
    by iamthemorning
    veni veni emmanuel veni veni emmanuel
  20. From This Place
    by Pat Metheny
    From This Place From This Place