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  1. I Wish Das Racist Were Still Together
    by Darko The Super
  2. We Live In A Society
    by Big Baby Gandhi
  3. Slacker Rock Rap
    by Darko The Super
  4. Four to the Floor 2
    by ialive & Cody Cody Jones
  5. Don't Play Card Tricks With Satan
    by Darko The Super
  6. The Life & Times of Big Baby Gandhi
    by Big Baby Gandhi
  7. Crack Smoking Donkeys From Outer Space
    by Darko The Super
  8. Dil Hicks Suite
    by Doc Heller
  9. Follow Your Heart and You'll End Up Alone
    by Cody Cody Jones
  10. Fabric Scraps
    by Torito
  11. Don Fugazi
    by MF Grimm & Darko The Super
  12. Solid Gold #1 Hit Records
    by Buddy Ross & His Pals
  13. birds 1
    by steel tipped dove & Chaz Canairy
  14. LET IT GO
    by steel tipped dove & hokes
  15. Anxiety Tape
    by Starchildluke
  16. Exoskeleton
    by E. Grizzly
  17. Okinato Black II
    by BLKrKRT
  18. Hits From The Nog
    by DJ Hardbargain & DJ Frypan
  19. Four To The Floor
    by Cody Cody Jones & ialive
    by Static Brothers