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  1. Set The Weather Fair
    by Digitonal
  2. Our Simulacra
    by The Flashbulb
  3. Les Gnossiennes d'Erik Satie
    by Spiralithic
  4. Pulselovers
    by Pulselovers
  5. Dreaming in Pairs
    by Vessel (Gavin Toomey)
  6. atol scrap
    by arovane
    amine amine
    5 of my favourite tracks of all time on 1 album! A true masterpiece.
  7. Bethany's Cradle (Original Soundtrack)
    by Klaus Morlock
  8. Kolaps
    by Chino
    Dark, menacing acid with an amazing video!
  9. Runnings
    by Si Begg
    Lol the bass! And so many other cool, random sounds. :)
  10. From My Laptop
    by Si Begg
    Fun, funky glitchiness and that rising alarm bleepy bit! :O Quality!
  11. Bastet
    by Gavin Toomey
    A stunning, transcendent masterpiece that fills me with peace. Beautiful.
  12. multiroad
    by Arco5
    Rises really well. I like the arpeggio - reminds me of 'Dimension Intrusion' by F.u.s.e. Love the beat too! :)
  13. Rio du lama
    by Arco5
    Great beats and main melody. And lots of cool glitchy bits. This is a beautiful track!
  14. Red Eden, White Nights
    by Pulselovers
    Rarely do I listen to vocals but this track has a really beautiful vocal . Lovely vibe all round :)
  15. Night Train Memories (2012)
    by Vector Lovers
    Phenomenal main melody. This track oozes soul! :)
  16. Resist
    by vessel (Gavin Toomey)
    State State
    Such a fantasic album! My favourite tracks are 'State', 'Ran', 'Shade', and 'Kerna' all of which have that strange synergy between being both sad and beautiful. I love the glitchy beats, bell tones and strings all often washed over with some lush reverb and delay. A transcendent masterpiece. :)
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  17. Ирина Печерникова | Irina Pechernikova
    by компакт-катя
    Mysterious, echoey voices, sad, shiny melodies and funky, lo-fi beats. 'Boards of Canada' esque! Epic finale!
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  18. Refractive (Index)
    by Synkro & Arovane
    New Dawn is so beautiful, in many ways. Divine main melodies, lovely shuffly beat, awesome bassline, patient. Excited anticipation for the rest of the album! :)
  19. amine
    by arovane
    Amine is my favourite track of all time. I love everything about it. I would die happy listening to this. Its transcendent. :)
  20. The Stone Tapes - Avebury (Original Version)
    by The Stone Tapes
    The Stone Tapes - Avebury - 02 A Page From John Britton The Stone Tapes - Avebury - 02 A Page From John Britton
    Great mysterious, concept album. Love the warped voices! :)