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  1. Weapons of Tomorrow
    by Warbringer
  2. Obscene Repressed
    by Benighted
  3. The Tiger's Daughter
    by Lascaille's Shroud
  4. Part Man, Part Beast, Part Dragon
    by Grimgotts
  5. Here Be Dragonlords
    by Grimgotts
  6. Extenditus Playus
    by Grimgotts
  7. Lions of the Sea
    by Grimgotts
  8. Essence of Iron
    by Hammerhedd
  9. Hell Is Other Demons (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by The Algorithm
  10. Cobra Speed Venom
    by The Crown
    World War Machine World War Machine
    Bow down before your King('s of deathrash)!
  11. Ikiliikkuja
    by Rytmigeneraattori
  12. A Long Hard Road To Nowhere
    by David Galas
  13. Dance of the Twilight Stars
    by Hoyland
  14. The Roads Leading North
    by Lascaille's Shroud
  15. Interval 02: Parallel Infinities, The Abscinded Universe
    by Lascaille's Shroud
  16. Ancient Call
    by Tengger Cavalry
  17. Cavalry In Thousands
    by Tengger Cavalry
  18. Revenge Of The Ten Masked Men
    by Ten Masked Men
  19. Attack Of The Ten Masked Men
    by Ten Masked Men
  20. Audible Minority
    by Kekal