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  1. Lucid Surrender Vol. 2
    by Entheo
    Beginning (feat. Dave Hoover) Beginning (feat. Dave Hoover)
  2. Mutual Spirits 12"
    by mutual benefit
    Exit Exit
  3. Magnesium Dreams
    by Rags & Ribbons
    Magnesium Dream Magnesium Dream
  4. living in the loop
    by sleeper.wav
    lazy lemons lazy lemons
    This record is friendly to an array of listeners. Bobble heads and poets alike! Fresh sneakers plus heartfelt. Put it on and drift away, or take a drive. Feeling good to be alive. Peace!
    appears in 1 other collection
  5. Temples of Melchizedek
    by Brian T Collins
    Al Khidr Al Khidr
  6. Abysma
    by Geotic
    Laura Corporeal Laura Corporeal
    Listen to the album. Dance all by yourself in a sunroom.
  7. Light Spirit Body
    by Cloudz
    Lucid, blue, crystalline waves crash onto the shores of the collective unconscious. Peace, peace.
  8. breatharian
    by Mndsgn.
    Frugal Earth Vol. Two - Side A Frugal Earth Vol. Two - Side A
  9. Selected Piano Works
    by π∆ππ
    Roots Roots
    Intimate and open. Delicate pieces. Minimal and humble, calming.
  10. At First Light
    by Snufmumriko
    Kingdom of Lost Summers Kingdom of Lost Summers
    A healthy flowering of Snufmumriko as an artist. This album feels as if you are either waking up from a dream or laying down to enter into one.
  11. Lucid Surrender: The Ambient Meditations
    by Entheo
    Beauty & Truth (Mercury 141.27 Hz - Throat Chakra) Beauty & Truth (Mercury 141.27 Hz - Throat Chakra)
    Again another gem in the dissonance, pure ... emanating.
  12. Body Wash
    by Mndsgn.
    Use Ya Mnd (Twentyfourseven) Use Ya Mnd (Twentyfourseven)
    as a lover of beets this embodies much more. Stories, feelings and drives through a foreign city.. this could be Mndsgn.'s Opus.
  13. Chimera
    by Snufmumriko
    Chimera 0708 Chimera 0708
    Listening to this is like entering an old antique store. Hidden gems and dusty old books.. dwelling here just to look around..