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  1. MD107 - GHOSTLAND "dances on walls"
    by Ghostland
    Sway Sway
    A glittering debut with wonderful melodic Dark Wave compositions.
  2. Synecdoche
    by Saffronkeira
  3. Lutecia
    by Rafael Anton Irisarri
  4. Symphony Of Dying
  5. KOMA
    by Ekin Fil
    Stay Severed Stay Severed
  6. In Four Parts
    by 36 & Black Swan
    Part 3 Part 3
  7. Structures And Downfall
    Disintegration of The Mind Disintegration of The Mind
  8. Continental Drift
    by Faures
    Isostatic Uplift Isostatic Uplift
    Drones, synths and epic sound walls emerging from a distant fog. Meditative, peaceful and as if from the inside of an iceberg. Sounds that aspire to the light. An outstanding, deep and imaginative album with subtle electronics. Apart from "Day" by Christopher Hipgrave (, for me it's the strongest album in the catalogue of Home Normal.
  9. Marianergraven
    by AKB
    Svallvågen Svallvågen
  10. Everything
    by Ocoeur
  11. Malm
    by Acronym
    Phonecalls Phonecalls
  12. Bordeaux
    by Beautumn
  13. The Illusion and The Twin
    by Aythis
    Night Night
  14. Our Last Days
    by Ybalferran
    Day 4 | Acceptance (Lights Are fading) Day 4 | Acceptance (Lights Are fading)
  15. Untitled
    by Acronym w Korridor
    Sscending Sscending
  16. Far & Off (24bits)
    by AES DANA feat. MIKTEK
    Alkaline - 24bit Alkaline - 24bit
  17. Konfusion
    by Jonas Meyer
  18. Algida Bellezza
  19. Transit
    by Mind over MIDI
    Crossing Crossing
  20. Outer Envelopes
    by Multicast Dynamics