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  1. Concrete Sunsets
    by ChasBeats
  2. Songs of Resignation
    by Matt Elliott
  3. Songs of Resignation Too
    by Matt Elliott
    Had to instantly buy this album as I love your music.
  4. Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void
    by Chris Christodoulou
  5. Music to Practice Safe Sex to
    by Pool Kids
  6. Say Uncruel
    by samhears
  7. Client Affection
    by Client Affection
  8. Best Of 2001-2003
    by Dubmood
  9. Evergreen
    by shiver.
  10. Force De Frappe (DATA045)
    by Dubmood
    Force De Frappe (feat. GEM TOS) Force De Frappe (feat. GEM TOS)
    I was thinking about getting this album or Machine, but when I saw that this one had a re-print of cassettes I had to buy it immediately. I'll be getting Machine asap or when it gets a re-print and I truly hope that would happen as I love the album and would love to have it as a cassette and as digital.
  11. Under The Weather
    by homeshake
    I am glad to see that me instantly pre-ordering this album was rewarded with a amazing album of music. I fully think that I could buy/pre order anything by homeshake even without hearing the music first as it's just so fucking good.
  12. Helium
    by homeshake
    (Secret Track) (Secret Track)
  13. Fresh Air
    by homeshake
    Every Single Thing Every Single Thing
  14. Midnight Snack
    by homeshake
    by homeshake
  16. B-SIDES - MMXX
    by Have/Hold
  17. We Are A Ghost Now, You & I
    by Have/Hold
  18. King Salt
    by Have/Hold
    So Sang the Whale So Sang the Whale
    Grate album over all. Love how there are thous slow songs and songs with more energy.
    (edit: Had to order this as vinyl even though I got this on cd already)
  19. Calm Your Blood
    by Have/Hold
    Drunk Letter Drunk Letter
    Got this cd with my order of King salt but still I had to get this on vinyl.
  20. Song For Bill Of The Trains/Dexamphetamine Blues
    by Have/Hold