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  1. Ecstasy/Agony Instrumental
    by Nirensimt
  2. Ecstasy/Agony
    by Nirensimt
  3. Alive in Vultureburg
    by Claymorean
  4. The Alliance Of The Kings
    by Ancient Bards
  5. A New Dawn Ending
    by Ancient Bards
  6. Soulless Child
    by Ancient Bards
  7. Solfernus' Path
    by Darzamat
  8. Dead Poetry
    by Veil Of Secrets
  9. Symphony of Dawn
    by Worlds Beyond
  10. By The Horns (Original Soundtrack)
    by Arctic Sleep
  11. By The Horns (Original Soundtrack)
    by Arctic Sleep
    by Eternal Champion
  13. The Rain Under
    by Inno
  14. Inferno Noir
    by Inferno Noir
  15. Live In The Dark
    by Blazon Stone
  16. The Forgotten
    by Selene
  17. Among the Frozen (EP)
    by Selene
  18. Kindred Spirits
    by Arctic Sleep
  19. I Am The Storm
    by Ad Infinitum
  20. Imploder
    by Rage Of Light