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  1. Slip into the Vortex
    by Øresund Space Collective
  2. In Praise of Home
    by RURA
    Saw Rura twice at Tønder Festival in DK, when Adam Holmes was with them. Fantastic concerts. Full concentration, precision playing and an amazing flow of energy. Never miss them.
  3. Maija Kauhanen - Raivopyörä
    by Maija Kauhanen
    Alttarille Alttarille
    Just came home from Tønder Festival and Maija Kauhanen was the big positive surprise. Live she was the only performer, playing with both hands and feet and singing at the same time. Spot on concentration. Woww! The music was a completely new world of sounds to these ears. Very delicate, mysterious, otherworldly and full of spiritual energy. Amazing.
  4. Hallucinations inside the Oracle
    by Øresund Space Collective
  5. Depart
    by AKKU Quintet
    Depart Depart
    Was fortunate enough to see this band in Lucerne, Switzerland. Bought their albums and ordered this when it came out. Inspired in places by Philip Glass and Steve Reich, but this is as much a live as a studio band. Listening to them live draws you in. They are very insisting.The recordings are very clear, dynamic, hypnotic, free and with a full sound. They are very well recorded. If you get the chance go see them. They don't play that often live.
  6. Kybalion
    by Øresund Space Collective
  7. Live in Berlin 2018
    by Øresund Space Collective
  8. A Brief Summary
    by Martin Hall
    Muted Cries Muted Cries
    Martin Hall has so many different ways of expressing himself. His talent is unmistakable and the record is not a brief summary of his enormous production, but gives us a more sensitive and quiet side of his art. Martin Hall always comes across as art, but when you are finished with one of his records or concerts you're completely filled with music and singing that is baring yours and his soul. Quite an achievement.
    Never expect less from this artist.
  9. Chatoyant Breath
    by Øresund Space Collective
  10. Inside your Head
    by Øresund Space Collective
  11. Alien Planet Trip Vol 2- Gloomy Horizon
    by Dr Space
  12. Baby Talk
    by James Blood Ulmer & The Thing
    We attended this concert at the Molde Jazz Festival and it was blasting with energy. James laughed a couple of times as The Thing was practically blowing him off stage. This is not the whole concert. James was singing as well. Hope those tracks will be available later. Peace.
  13. Pekka [24 bit 44.1 kHz]
    by Verneri Pohjola
    Madness Subsides Madness Subsides
    The band played a fantastic concert at EFG London Jazz Festival, Southbanke Centre, Clore Ballroom in 2017. It was a sunday afternoon with only bands from Scandinavia this afternoon. Verneri Pohjola was second in line. I bought the record after the concert and got it signed. The music is wide open soundscapes with interesting rhytms grounding the space and ambience. Melancholy feel and very fine musicianship.
  14. ØSC/Maat Lander Split LP
    by Øresund Space Collective
  15. Hallucinations inside the Oracle
    by Øresund Space Collective
  16. Homeless
    by The Savage Rose
    Homeless Homeless
  17. Aeon
    by AKKU Quintet
    Waves Waves
    It's bold, modern, insisting and intriguing. The drummer is the composer. The band members are modest live and fully dedicated to the centre of the compositions.
  18. Damo Suzuki møder Oresund Space Collective
    by Damo Suzuki møder ØSC
    Jeg kan ikke vokse op Jeg kan ikke vokse op
    Always wnated to find out about Damo Suzuki ever since I heard Mark E Smith (RIP) sing "I'm Damo Suzuki". This is a live recording and ØSC is on equal terms with Damo. Not a backingband, but interacting in different ways. This makes it a standout album in their vast catalogue suggesting room for different fellow travelers. Always in space with Damo adding new dimensions. May they never come down.
  19. Different Creatures
    by Øresund Space Collective
    Raga for Jerry G Raga for Jerry G
    A fine studio recording that has a slightly more light and positive feel. On Raga for Jerry G you can almost feel the band connecting with Garcia across the aeons. This album should have been a commercial succes and breakthrough for the band. Wishfull thinking on my part.

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  1. Live in Tampere 2018
    by Øresund Space Collective