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  1. All Alone
    by Pegboard Nerds & Grabbitz
    Man, this song oozes personality - Grabbitz is so good with vocals, and I can feel both the frustration in the lyrics and the energy in the beat!
  2. Ping! 2
    by Exyl
    This is my favorite song by Exyl. The sound design, the way the Discord soundfont is used, the ambient sounds in the beginning and end... and the ANIMATION! If you have not seen the music video on YouTube, I recommend it!!
  3. Floodlights
    by Mittsies
    This is such a calm yet invigorating track. Repetitive in the best way, and just clean sound design all the way through.
  4. Archmage
    by Fox Sailor
    Myrddin Myrddin
    God, Fox Sailor has gotten so good at orchestral and medieval soundtracks! These have so much mystical and arcane energy!
    by t+pazolite
    t+paz always has amazing sound design, but the vocal mixing and intro ambience on this is next level. Just AWESOME.
  6. Battlecry
    by Mazare and Philip Strand
    This song is absolutely PACKED with hype and energy - the kind of track you could fight a battle to. Awesome stuff, Mazare!!
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  7. Music Like This
    by she
    I love music like this.
  8. Myths & Legends - Chapter II
    by Fox Sailor
    An absolute ROMP on the high seas. A NAVAL D&D CAMPAIGN BEGINS!
  9. Never Make It
    by Creo
    I can't explain it, I don't understand why, and I don't even know what this track makes me feel, but this is my favorite song by Creo. It's so unique - all your songs are - and whatever you're trying to convey with all of them, I truly hope you make it.
  10. Myths & Legends
    by Fox Sailor
    A World of Knights and Dragons A World of Knights and Dragons
    This is the best ambient medieval fantasy album I have ever listened to. It puts me into an entire world of knights, of dragons, of lords and of legends, and of the great adventures that can be had if you allow yourself to dream. These tracks spark my imagination like nothing else. Thank you, Fox Sailor.

  11. Little Too Close (feat. Veronika Redd)
    by WRLD
    God, what a classic. There's so much longing in this track, and the sound design is just amazing. A perfect storm of WRLD's vibe and Veronika's voice.
  12. Butterfly Effect
    by Koven
    The lyrics, the drops, Katie's voice, and the sound design, all so well done. This entire track has that vibe of freeing yourself.
  13. Flashback
    by Au5
    This track is so incredibly unique. I have never heard anything like it and I probably never will again. The atmosphere, the sounds, the rhythm, the entire tone - it's incredible.
  14. Shadows (feat. Nevve)
    by Aero Chord
  15. Solace
    by Feint and Laura Brehm
    This feels so much like classic Feint, and Laura's vocals are always amazing.
  16. Butterfly Effect (VIP)
    by Koven
    A lot like the original, with some small sound design changes - and to good effect.
  17. Itvara
    by Fractal
    Classic Fractal. It feels almost ethereal, and oddly inspiring, with both the ambience and the lyrics.
  18. Contra (feat. Sara Skinner)
    by Pixel Terror
    My favorite track of Pixel Terror's discography. So much energy, the emotions in the vocals, how crisp all the drops and small effects are - god DANG.
  19. Cataclysm
    by Au5 & Crystal Skies
    Took me a while to warm up to this track. but I finally realized how well Crystal Skies' signature style syncs up with that of Au5. An amazing collab.
  20. Ember
    by Kubbi
    Cascade Cascade
    This is just.... an amazing exemplification of chiptune.