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  1. Cataclysm
    by Au5 & Crystal Skies
    Took me a while to warm up to this track. but I finally realized how well Crystal Skies' signature style syncs up with that of Au5. An amazing collab.
  2. Ember
    by Kubbi
    Cascade Cascade
    This is just.... an amazing exemplification of chiptune.
  3. Synthony
    by Xilent
    A mystic, atmospheric, amazingly-blended track in the same vein as Reality. The piano, the ambience, all of it just starts off so calming and becomes so energetic!
  4. Freefall
    by Au5
    Emergence ft. Cristina Soto Emergence ft. Cristina Soto
    Production on this album is all-around godly. Something about Emergence is just impossible to get out of my head. It's one of the best tracks I've ever heard.
  5. Breaker
    by DanTheAssassin
    I am thoroughly impressed. Keep it up, Dan!
  6. The Zero Point (ft. Holly Drummond)
    by Au5
    These vocals are so well-done by Holly here; I can hear the emotion. Mixing is spectacular, too. Simple, but great!
  7. Hypersphere VIP
    by Au5
    Interesting spin on the original. It jumps into the energy right off the bat! Plus, gotta love the drums.
  8. Minimality
    by Au5
    Zero Zero
  9. Tendril
    by Au5, Collin McGloughlin
    Even though Austin's gotten so much better with his mixing and sound design in the years since, this track is still beautiful in how simple and classic it is! The lyrics just have SO MUCH energy - LET US TAKE THEM BY SURPRISE!!!
  10. Ethereal
    So calming, loving, yet exhilarating. A feeling you can't replicate. MAMA PURITY remixed Desire Drive once before, and the result was amazing, but this rendition is some emotional perfection I can't describe.
  11. Nautilus
    by Creo
    Creo just keeps getting better. Dark atmosphere, fantastic sound design, and so much energy, all packed into Creo's ever so slightly unnerving style.
  12. Carnivores
    by Creo
    There's something I find uniquely scary about this track, like painting a picture of what humans are really like at their core - vicious animals.
  13. Vagrant (ft. Veela)
    by Feint
    A track like no other. Triggers nostalgia from memories I don't even have.
  14. Laurence
    by Feint
    Amazing instrumentals, and the progression is super nice. Feint's classic stuff is really something unique.
  15. Inside (feat. Danyka Nadeau) [Valence Remix]
    by Au5
    This remix might be as good as the original. It somehow maintains the same feeling while adding in a ton of energy.
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  16. Blurred Vision
    by PYLOT
    PYLOT at its best.
  17. Feels Like
    by Vicetone featuring LAUR
    I'm normally not one for romantic vocals, but this is just captivating!
  18. Board Game
    by Koven
    Impossible not to love Katie's voice in this album.
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  19. Too Smooth (feat. Grey MTTR)
    by Notaker
    Notaker can ace lyrical tracks, too?!
  20. In The Night (feat. Sullivan King)
    by Muzzy