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  1. Grouch in Dub
    by Grouch in Dub
    luvn focal 101 bruva this new crouch dub sounds fuvkn amazing the sounds layers of ambients followed but sick dub rifts bruva hope one day im amongst it standing buy fat stacks and get to really experience live navigational sounds that this track has to offer always a fan appreciate everything you produce but this captured my soul and heart Bigsmiles havent enjoyed a track so much since spun cycle, for me i feel you found that crouch dub that will unfortunately be hard to top for me not big fan of dub but when done with pay i fluences buy crouch magic defintly in ur happy place while putting this together luvnlife it shows, perfect time for me would have to be 6 7 sunrise bit of cid just to sharpen thoes sounds right up. luv ya style oh if it wasn't for navigators like player 1 tetrameth suncontroll sensient and of cause grouch and antix, one tasty mortel followed buy a number of navigators cairns has to offer each and every one made me the fun luvn psychedelic soul that had is mind blown in early FNQ days audiogasm and being apart of that and watch it evolve of the last 15 yrs is cool sorry talking shit im luvnlife and needed to express my luv for this new Crouch in dub not usally fan of vocals but luvn it bro
  2. Let There Be Light (Compiled by Sensient)
    by Zenon Records
  3. Wabi Sabi
    by Pspiralife
  4. Synaesthetics
    by Sumiruna
  5. The Storyteller's Weave
    by Smoke Sign
  6. Quantumplation EP
    by Grouch / Grouch In Dub
  7. One Tasty Morsel-Discretionary Divination
    by No Qualms Records
  8. Imperfect
    by Occer
  9. Merkaba - Divine Mother Tree - The Remixes
    by Merkaba
  10. The Eclectic Benevolence (Interpulse Remix)
    by Tetrameth
  11. Planting Seeds
    by VA: compiled by Tetrameth
  12. The Relentless Internal Concerto [Book 1]
    by Tetrameth
  13. Home Sweet Home
    by Bigfoot
  14. "Weapons of Mass Connection"
    by Weapon Records
  15. "Kakadu Plum"
    by YETI