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  1. Entities
    by Pomegranate Tiger
  2. Sunshine Dust
    by Skyharbor
  3. Permanence
    by Stephen Taranto
    Aporia (feat. Aleksandra Djelmash) Aporia (feat. Aleksandra Djelmash)
    This artist needs to be known. I just can't believe this level of technicality goes unnoticed. It's punchy, catchy, technical, intricate. I hope this isn't the last time I hear about Stephen or The Helix Nebula.
  4. The Ink Panther
    by Ron Jarzombek
    As much as Ron Jarzombek can mystify and astonish with technical prowess and subtle time signature choices, it no wonder he would tacle something like Henry Mancini's "Pink panther" and give it the "Spastik Ink" flare.

    Truly a masterpiece, well crafted. Needs to be heard.
  5. Frenetically Inconsistent Velocities Entwined
    by Ron Jarzombek
    This is exactly what I would expect from Ron Jarzombek: Extremely intricate and complex arrangements, something a mere mortal couldn't even dream of conjuring up. I just can't get enough of that and can't wait for more.

    If tabs existed for this song, I would gladly injure my wrist trying to learn this...
  6. Atrament
    by A Sense of Gravity
    More of the previous album, more polish, more interesting.

    I've been listening to metal music all my life. I would say I've come to develop an acquired taste for the genre. This is a more "connaisseur's" metal. Intricate, emotional. intelligent.

    I hope this is isn't the last time I hear about this group. This is a keeper!
  7. Psycho Soundwaves
    by Liquorworks
    Trashy, intense, catchy, this is the epiphany of the term "underrated gem": technical to the core. I have real difficulty finding stuff like this. If you love anything by Keith Merrow, Liquorworks did it before he did!

    I need more!
  8. Deadlights
    by Echolapse
    This is an "underrated gem" as I discovered this totally by accident... and would kick myself in the butt if I've never found it...

    Totally catchy, speed metal/trash riff with melodic, emotional tone to the album. I never though you could blend the two with so much finesse. This is the equivalent of musical candy....

    Hope to hear more in the future....
  9. Viscera EP
    by Haunted Shores
    "Periphery" on Trash...
    Need I say more?

    Amazing, incredible...

  10. Boundless
    by Pomegranate Tiger
    Technical. I can't get enough of it, few are able to do it, this guy delivers. melody, rhythms, everything is so intricate, so complex. This kind of ability is really hard to come by. Please, keep on giving!
  11. Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos
    Illusion: Celestial Illusion: Celestial
    This band has revived my interest in metal when regular metal wasn't cutting it anymore...

    Choke-full of emotion, trash, supercatchy riffs. They are definitively one of my underrated favorite metal bands of all time.

    Looking forward to seeing them live... again!
  12. Guiding Lights
    Evolution Evolution
    This album has more emotion to it than the previous album. The speed/trash intro to Evolution shows they haven't lost their touch for the shred inclined!

    Skyharbor proves you can stiff blow minds away and kick ass without destroying the singer's vocal chord...

    Not that, as this band has shown, growling in songs can't be achieved tastefully.

    Looking forward to seeing them live... again!
  13. Meridian
    by The Helix Nebula
    Sea Of Suns Sea Of Suns
  14. Travail
    by A Sense of Gravity
    Think "Faith no More", trashier, heavier, even with its quieter parts...

    Man, this is absolutely incredible stuff. The followup album was a step above, just in term of volume...

    I would dare to say this is my favorite metal band, ever.... And I'm kinda finicky about my preferences...
  15. Anthropocene
    by Being