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  1. 4 ever live
    by Men I Trust
  2. Oncle Jazz
    by Men I Trust
  3. Sparks EP
    by JURA
  4. Gold / Inside Out
    by The Buoys
  5. Childhood Memories
    by Electric Zoo
  6. D.R.A.M.A.
    by Göldin & Bit-Tuner
  7. White Creatures
    by Black Sea Dahu
  8. 1982
    by Liima
  9. Remixes
    by Odd Beholder
  10. Clean
    by soccer mommy
  11. PYRIT - Control
    by PYRIT
  12. PYRIT - Ufo
    by PYRIT
  13. Waves
    by Pale Grey
  14. Soma Fortuna United
    by All XS
  15. Zu schön um klar zu sein
    by Enoq
  16. Turbo Mate & Kalaschnikow
    by GeilerAsDu
  17. September
    by OZZIE
  18. Lord Kesseli and the Drums
    by Lord Kesseli and the Drums
  19. Flöchted
    by GeilerAsDu
    Wer? feat. Heidi Happy & Zwicker Wer? feat. Heidi Happy & Zwicker
  20. Solar
    by Audio Dope
  21. Instant Noodle Soup
    by Audio Dope & Zois
  22. AGE 101: DROP X
    by Little Simz
    Stained Subconsciousness (ft. Chuck20) Stained Subconsciousness (ft. Chuck20)
    DOPE !
  23. Chromatography
    by Being Berber
    Lone Wolf Lone Wolf
  24. A Bit of Light
    by Bit-Tuner
    Anticlimax Anticlimax
    in my opinion bit-tuner is one of the best producers in switzerland. also make sure to attend one of his amazing life shows!
  25. OZZIE BEATS - Volume 2 (Forest Edition)
    by OZZIE
    3015 (Instrumental) 3015 (Instrumental)
  26. Echolocation
    by Observer Drift
    Time Stands Still Time Stands Still
    Once again a wonderful album! There aren't that many artists who keep getting better from record to record.
  27. Soul Food
    Letter to My Last Love Letter to My Last Love
  28. OZZIE BEATS - Volume 1 (Marble Edition)
    by OZZIE
  29. My Space World LP
    by Kognitif
    Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
    very very talented young fellow. just blows your mind!
  30. Nomi - Ghost EP (LFS005)
    by Nomi
    appears in 1 other collection
  31. Fjords
    by Observer Drift
  32. Racing Glaciers - EP
    by Racing Glaciers
  33. Another Disease
    by Heart Attacked
    Young Servants Young Servants
  34. Corridors
    by Observer Drift
    Backwards Backwards
    absolutly genious dreampop, all recorded by multitalent colin ward. best thing: you can get the album on vinyl.
  35. Dingleberry Fields Forever
    by The Shit
    Get Out Get Out
    rock'n'roll at it's best! recorded at the famous Rancho de la Luna Studio (Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of the death Metal).
  36. Persuader
    by Pooma
    Would you Would you
    nice for cold dark winter days.
  37. Digital Dilletantism
    by The Fridge
    The System Has No System The System Has No System
    brilliant swiss artist. check-out his upcomig new album!
  38. Sound Of Return EP
    by Richie Quake & Milah Libin
  39. Audialist - Burning/Manna (LFS001)
    by Audialist
  40. Openclose
    by Ferrein
  41. Prestige EP
    by Flashing Red Lights
  42. Particles EP
    by M.O.O.N.
  44. sea oleena
    by sea oleena
  45. sleeplessness
    by sea oleena