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  1. Sempinfernus
    by KRVNA
  2. Long Forgotten Relic Re-Release
    by KRVNA
  3. For Thine Is The Kingdom Of The Flesh
    by KRVNA
  4. For Thine Is The Kingdom Of The Flesh
    by Krvna
  5. Hiss
    by Wormrot
  6. Engraved Upon Bleached Bone
    by Convulsing
  7. Psychic Secretions
    by Stargazer
  8. Oscillations in Endings
    by UmmnausH
  9. The Measuring Stick
    by MANTON
  10. 10 Songs of Log
    by LOG
  11. Hydranaut
  12. Logs second album
    by LOG
  13. Attention Deficit
    by Attention Deficit
  14. Drowned
    by The Ending
  15. All That Syncs Must Diverge
    by Sound Cipher
  16. The Dank
    by Dr. Colossus
    Thrillho Thrillho
    So for various reasons, inexplicable even to myself, I have skirted around Dr. Colossus. Missing sets they have played at various Doom festivals and leaving them off my "to listen" list. I watched my first full set by them at Sunburn IV in Canberra recently and I enjoyed it but I wouldn't say I was sold on the concept. Listening to "The Dank" has made me completely reassess my attitude and regret my previous reservations!!
    These riffs are as fat as Homer on a Satanic donut feeding machine!!
  17. Post, Cross and Yoke
    by Atolah
  18. Absence of Motion
    by Alphaxone
  19. Chronosphere
    by Alphaxone
  20. White1 (2018 remastered edition)
    by SUNN O)))