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  1. tea
    by tech noir
  2. by tech noir
  3. 未來的夢想
    by tech noir
  4. by tech noir
  5. by tech noir
  6. by tech noir
  7. The Collection
    by tech noir
  8. 愛和無情
    by tech noir
  9. 招財進寶
    by tech noir
  10. by tech noir
  11. by tech noir
  12. 精神
    by tech noir
  13. Sumerlands
    by Sumerlands
    The Guardian The Guardian
    If this is the debut offering, can't wait to hear follow up material. Good stuff!
  14. Demo
    by The Tower
    Mausoleum Mausoleum
  15. Heavy Temple EP
    by Heavy Temple
    Unholy Communion Unholy Communion
    Love this recording. I have the Unholy Communion cassette. Good stuff. Reminds me of many things, yet is unique enough to stand on its own.
  16. Clandestine Meeting Park
    by UR
    Music that borders on noise? Noise that borders on art? Different, intriguing, and disturbing. Venture outside your sonic comfort zone.
  17. Anouof Thwo
    by Hellebore
    Les Martiens étaient là... Les Martiens étaient là...
    This is what I imagine you would get if metal took a more cerebral/spatial acid trip.
  18. Walpurgisnacht - "Vergheldinghens Crachte" LP
    by Death Culture Tapes
    Pest In De Peel Pest In De Peel
    This one had me at "The bog of eternal stench!"
  19. Kvlthammer
    by Kvlthammer
    Hate Is Not Enough Hate Is Not Enough
    Ripping good time!
  20. Yith
    by Yith
    palace of sorrow palace of sorrow
    Blackened doom... doomed black? Don't care, I like it.
  21. All For Naught
    by Goatcraft
    This is great broody, mood music. The application of atmosphere and piano is an excellent, refreshing change of pace.
  22. Double Denim Shotgun Massacre
    by Satanic Dystopia
    Bastard Squad Bastard Squad
    Good old fashioned blackened thrash with a horror movie feel to it. Fast, furious, and fun. What's not to like?
  23. Slumber Room Ep
    by Slumber Room
    Our Shrine Our Shrine
    Acoustics and blackened noise. Relatively simple, yet not repetitive or boring. Heard this referred to as "Filosofem worship," which isn't necessarily a bad thing, since I liked that album too. Really enjoy the acoustic interludes between the buzzsaw guitar work.
  24. Live In The Castle Of Quiet
    by One Master
    The Destroyer(Parts 1 and II) The Destroyer(Parts 1 and II)
    Good solid USBM.