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  1. Distressor
    by Whirr
    Blue Blue
    Loud melodrama and melancholy created through a frenzy of classic and new shoegaze sounds and waves makes the journey through this album my favorite shoegaze album of all time.
  2. Feels Like You
    by Whirr
  3. Around
    by Whirr
    Swoon Swoon
  4. Whirr 'Sway'
    by Whirr
    Heavy Heavy
  5. Pipe Dreams
    by Whirr
  6. pushing daisies
    by julie
    lochness lochness
  7. midcity
    by clipping.
    outro outro
    after intro's excellent bursts of noise, the craziness of the entire album, ending on outro's social commentary is both hilairious and hypnotic to listen to.
  8. Far Removed
    by Narrow Head
    modern day shoegaze having fun
  10. Lose Your Smile / Alien
    by Beach House
    Alien is one of BH's greatest work IMO and putting it on a single makes sense just so it doesn't outshine the rest of an album. BH at it's shoegaze-eist
  11. Tomorrow Never Comes
    by Xinlisupreme
    The combination of danceablity and noisey pain during the highs of this album is both eccentric and enjoyable.
  12. DisNigga, Vol. 1
    by SOUL GLO
  13. Idontknow
    by Jamie xx
  14. Collider
    by all under heaven
  15. Into You
    by Glare
  16. Leaving Time
    by Leaving Time
  17. Void In Blue
    by Glare
  18. All Under Heaven + Leaving Time + Glare
    by Glare
  19. All Under Heaven + Leaving Time + Glare
    by all under heaven
  20. All Under Heaven + Leaving Time + Glare
    by Leaving Time