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  1. In But Not Of
    by Afterbirth
  2. World's Blood
  3. Resonance – Live from the Studio
    by Countless Skies
  4. Shambhallic Vibrations
    by Lunar Chamber
  5. Black Medium Current
    by Dodheimsgard
  6. Heimdal
    by Enslaved
  7. All Belong to the Night
    by Drudkh
  8. Few Lines in Archaic Ukrainian
    by Drudkh
  9. Microcosmos
    by Drudkh
  10. ...And Again Into The Light
    by Panopticon
  11. Illusions In The Wake
    by NOLTEM
  12. Sleep at the Edge of the Earth
    by Wilderun
  13. ...un torügg bleev blot Sand
    by Friisk
  14. Gegrepen Door de Geest der Zielsontluiking
  15. Bloem
  16. Kuu Erkylän Yllä
    by Havukruunu
  17. Metsänpeitto
    by Havukruunu
  18. Verta, Tulta ja Kuolemaa
    by Havukruunu
  19. Usvakuningas
    by Havukruunu
  20. Liekkiö
    by Havukruunu