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  1. The Red
    by Boys Age
    Rule of Rose(薔薇の掟の章) Rule of Rose(薔薇の掟の章)
  2. Nobody Lives Here Anymore
    by Cut Worms
    Every Once In A While Every Once In A While
  3. A Hairshirt of Purpose
    by Pile
    worms worms
  4. this is somebody's song
    by liquid snake (リキッド・スネーク)
  5. I Had a Dream I Did Everything Right
    by White Birds
  6. Woman
    by White Birds
  7. Hangnail
    by Snakeskin
    Chugging Cleaner Chugging Cleaner
  8. Grave Blockers
    by The Ohsees
    I Agree I Agree
  9. An Odd Entrances
    by Thee Oh Sees
    At The End At The End
  10. 2015-2016
    by snakeskin
    mold mold
  11. Freakenstein
    by TH da Freak
    Hospital Hospital
  12. cope street
    by livestalk & the bodies
    casual balaclava casual balaclava
  13. Don't Hate Fuck
    by attic abasement
    Ragdoll's Mouth Ragdoll's Mouth
  14. Baby Jane
    by Shai-Li
  15. Fluidthought Collective
    by FluidThought Collective
    Guinnevere Guinnevere
  16. I Fret
    by Lab Partner
    We're Bombing Out We're Bombing Out
    Wanting to take a bath and listen to this album on repeat until the water turns cold. Subtly intoxicating.
  17. The Intergalactic Guide to Find the Red Cowboy (French edition)
    Post Breakup Stoner Post Breakup Stoner
  18. Some Kinda Comfort
    by Little Waist
    (I Wanna Be A) Dyke Wife (I Wanna Be A) Dyke Wife
  19. Is Satan Real?
    by Church of the Cosmic Skull
    Black Slug Black Slug
  20. Out Of The Astral Blue
    by Astral Blue
    Mushroom Clock Mushroom Clock