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  1. thing of everyday
    by Flower Bellcow
  2. Soothe Me
    by Science Noodles
  3. “March, April & May” Mix #4
    by Various Artists
  4. “March, April & May” Mix #3
    by Various Artists
  5. Some of the songs
    by Sound and Fury
  6. sprites gave
    by red go-cart
  7. Crystal Clear Winter
    by renge
  8. 銀河巴士 Galaxie Bus
    by 棉花山脈 Cotton Range
  9. Ignore the Feeling
    by Rose Ette
  10. Wargroove
    by Phonetic Hero
  11. Fictional film music
    by Yang Haisong
  12. Salt and Sanctuary: Original Soundtrack
    by Ska Studios
  13. Goodbye Idiots III
    by (V/A)
  14. Para Siempre II
    by (V/A)
  15. Interferencia
    by (V/A)
  16. 双拼 HALF HALF #1
    by The White Tulips / Chinese Football
  17. Has Anybody Seen My Boy?
    by The Just Joans
  18. Shallow Hills
    by Peking Picnic
  19. Summer Filled With Blue
    by renge
  20. Green Eyed
    by September Girls
  21. Ticket Machine
    by Making Marks
  22. Live At St Pancras Old Church London December 2013
    by Dean Wareham
  23. 動物園釘子戶
    by 動物園釘子户 Zoo Gazer
  24. Carinae
    by The Cheers Cheers
  25. It Was The Rain: Lost Recordings 1993 - 1995
    by Aberdeen
  26. Imagine Us Together
    by Milkmustache
  27. Fondle (Reissue)
    by The White Tulips
  28. Self-titled EP
    by 桃子假象 Peach Illusion
  29. Message in a Bottle
    by Cloud Babies
  30. Lemon in July
    by renge
  31. A Young Person's Guide To D∀NGER D∀NGER
    by D∀NGER D∀NGER
  32. 海湾公园小夜曲 Bay Park Serenade
    by Cheesemind
  33. become the sea...
    by acoustic radiation force
  34. 九月(September)/错过(Regret)
    by atta girl
    错过(Regret) 错过(Regret)
  35. Guacamelee! 2 Original Soundtrack
    by Peter Chapman (aka Coins), Rom Di Prisco and Mariachi Entertainment System
  36. Guacamelee! Original Soundtrack
    by Rom Di Prisco and Peter Chapman
  37. Sampler 2017
    by Z Tapes
  38. Caress
    by The White Tulips
  39. Caress
    by The White Tulips
  40. Untitled Skyporn feat. Man Man Man Man
    by 椰林树影
  41. Summer and Winter Warfare (2013 Reissue)
    by X is Y
  42. Island of Dreams
    by Cozy Catastrophes