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  1. Smiling Little Cow (2002)
    by Kettel
  2. Straight from the Plate: Lost Dubs Vol.2 [2004-2008]
    by Kode9
  3. cinnamon fried modulation
    by bunbleman
  4. Neferiu Sampler
    by Neferiu Records
  5. incidental guilt jazz
    by ilkae
  6. p.s.
    by Xoma18
  7. CDR#2
    by Lackluster
  8. Live Tracks 2001
    by Compactdiscrecordable
  9. Jungle Archives 1995 - 1998
    by Guy Evans / DJ Guy
  10. Magnetic City (2007)
    by Kode9
  11. Katak [heatseeker: intercept desert fox] (1999)
    by Kode9
    Holy fuck Kode9, if you have anymore jungle tracks like this laying around, please reissue them in a comp or something. This stuff is fucking legendary.
  12. Okapi Tracks (1994-1996)
    by Hrvatski
  13. Attention: Cats +
    by Various Artists
  14. Don Maximo / Postmod Premax
    by Terminal 11
  15. Debt EP
    by Bogdan Raczynski
  16. At Least We're Trying EP
    by The Famous Boyfriend
  17. Manchurian Candy
    by Utabi
  18. Unknown 1999
    by Compactdiscrecordable
  19. Do You Know Footcore?
    by pencil
  20. Ridley's Bifurcation
    by Zebra
  21. Junkle
    by DJ Sailor Moon
  22. Good Night, Sleep Tight.
    by Miss Hawaii
  24. the young fallens quintessential pop music and guide to monikers and manipulation
    by neatpop
  25. Pistachio Island Remixes
    by Agargara
  26. Nijigenfucking (2002)
    by CDR
    6xx-i22 6xx-i22
    A perfect collection of tracks that show off the best of CDR's early style (2001-2002). Nijigenfucking is batshit insane because of how almost every track utilises a wide variety of heavily processed and manipulated samples, whether they be distorted snippets from anime dialogue, microphone abuse used as percussion or super processed noise perhaps used as a melody. If you're a fan of Terminal11 or Autechre, check this album out, its worth it.
  27. Head in the cloud EP
    by Ojaco
    Head in the cloud Head in the cloud
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  28. [05:42] <gei> put it on the worst you cunt
    by Riajuu
  29. 4EP
    by ilkae
  30. Carrot Dossier (2011 Remaster)
    by Proswell
  31. windows
    by chris†††
  32. Idiot World
    by GucciGate
    im trancegender im trancegender
    This is fuckin bangin, listen to this or you're a low iq virgin
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  33. bovine rearrangement
    by ilkae
  34. AOKI takamasa "indigo rose" PFCD05
    by AOKI takamasa
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  35. Prince of the Cyber Rave
    by Golden Boy
  36. U-Void Synthesizer
    by Machine Girl
    by AMULETS
  38. tomboyish love for soda pop and apple sweets digipak
    by goreshit
    Serial Experiments Lain -alternative op- Serial Experiments Lain -alternative op-

  39. Some Files from 2002 April - August
    by CDR
  40. Milky EP (2002)
    by CDR
  41. 7" Split
    by Vixenvy × Riajuu
  42. Half The Battle
    by Merck Records
  43. Mix 2020.2.18
    by DJ Vinyl (aka CDR)
  44. ylling
    by cordless soul machine
  45. UTADA 1+2
    by pencil