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  1. A Frozen Flame Of Ice
    by Far Beyond
  2. ...und der Wind sang
    by Munarheim
  3. Nacht und Stürme werden Licht
    by Munarheim
  4. Liberté - EP
    by Munarheim
  5. From the Ashes
    by Eternal Storm
  6. Eleven : Eleven
    by Cōpia
  7. Rise From Knees
    by Elzevir
  8. Voyage From Vinland
    by Bolero
  9. Tribute to the Fallen
    by Ithilien
  10. Kings Among Runaways
    by The Approach And The Execution
  11. Path to Eternity
    by Valfreya
  12. Beyond The Ghost´s Pride
    by Ravenblood
  13. Sub Stele
    by Bucovina
  14. Ubuntu
    by Kälter
  15. Prosperous Visions
    by Primalfrost
  16. The Magician
    by Aether Realm
  17. Epoch
    by Brumal
  18. Winter's Dominion (EP)
    by Northsong
  19. One Chosen by the Gods
    by Aether Realm
  20. Olden Tales & Deathly Trails
    by Wilderun
  21. Of Earth & Angels
    by LEAH
    Remember Remember
    Beautiful voice, catchy melodies, good metal, all I like :)
  22. An Angel's Requiem
    by Far Beyond
  23. Songs Of Hope And Sorrow
    by Far Beyond
    Tempus Fugit - Part I Tempus Fugit - Part I
    My God... This is so good :) I browsed all speed-viking-folk-speed-power-prog-metal on bandcamp on the last 3 days. I put 25 albums on my wishlist. But this... Oh my God. It's over the top. It's an orgasm at each spin.

    Really. reminds me of masterpiece from Ensiferum or Wintersun. "My Way of Endless Grief" and "Tempus Fugit - Part I" are just from another dimension!! And it's everyday my alarm sound by the way. God, I wish i could make it in time for the Digipak... Thanks for the great Music!
    by Lunarsea
    by Lunarsea
    by Lunarsea
  27. Where Fate Lies Unbound
    by Warseid
  28. Euphoreon
    by Euphoreon
    Starnight Rider Starnight Rider
    All tracks are just incredible!!! Thanks Eugen and Matt for the great album! I wish you did more work together! Cheers!