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  1. Suffering Is A Gift
    by portrayal of guilt
  2. 1992-1994 Discography Digital download
    by Timeghoul
  3. Jesus Died in Japan / How to Water a Dead Rose
    by guilt trip
  4. Liminal
    by baltic noise
  5. Stages Of Decay
    by Dakhma
  6. Weeping Choir
    by Full of Hell
    Armory of Obsidian Glass Armory of Obsidian Glass
  7. The Armor of Ire
    by Eternal Champion
  8. Manifestations of Sacrificial Macrocosms
  9. Realms Of Eternal Decay
    by Outer Heaven
    by Ecstatic Vision
  11. Borderlands
    by The Myrrors
  12. Wader EP
    by Wader
  13. CLAM
    by CLAM
  14. Murmuüre
    by Murmuüre
  15. Split EP
    by Vastum/Spectral Voice
  16. Sweltering Madness
    by Gatecreeper
    Mastery Of Power Mastery Of Power
    Another amazing 7" by a vital piece of modern death metal. They bring back the sounds of Sweden with riffs upon riffs upon riffs that just bash your brains in and eat them.
  17. Tchornobog
    by Tchornobog
    III: Non-Existence’s Warmth (Infinite Natality Psychosis) III: Non-Existence’s Warmth (Infinite Natality Psychosis)
    For years I've been trying to find a perfect fusion of death metal, black metal, and funeral doom, and this album is it. The incorporation of non-traditional instruments give this album a jazzy feel in a way that avoids being cheesy at all.
  18. Spiritual Healing (Reissue)
    by Death
    Spiritual Healing Spiritual Healing
    What is there to say about this album that hasn't already been said. I think it's the most underrated of the already perfect Death discography. The delivery of the title in the title track is the cornerstone of death metal vocals.
    by Spectral Voice
    Diffluence of Ruined Graves Diffluence of Ruined Graves
    Slow, brooding, filthy, and wretched. These words are all must-have aspects of death/doom, and this demo has it all.
  20. They Became the Falling Ash
    by Ethereal Shroud
    Look upon the Light Look upon the Light
    Holy shit. This is how black metal should be made. The production, the atmosphere, the speed, is all perfected to almost microscopic standards, and it shows.
  21. Fragments of Psyche
    by Gruesome
    Fragments of Psyche Fragments of Psyche
    Anyone who loves Human-era Death will love this EP. A band that is built on worshiping Chuck Schuldiner has done it right yet again.
  22. Grief's Infernal Flower
    by Windhand
    Sparrow Sparrow
    Really awesome doom sound with vocals that just soar over the instrumentals. Gives you a great atmosphere within the heaviness.