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  1. As The Flame Withers
    by YOTH IRIA
  2. As The Flame Withers
    by YOTH IRIA
  3. Sacrifice
    by MACE
  4. For You Men Who Gaze Into The Sun
    by Antzaat
  5. Det Besegrade Lifvet
    by Lifvsleda
    by Imha Tarikat
  7. Monolith
    by Verheerer
  8. Dusk To Dusk
    by Maggot Heart
  9. Au-Dessus
    by Au-Dessus
  10. Split w/ PARAMNESIA
    by ULTHA
  11. Woe Over Roadburn [Live 2017]
    by ULTHA
  12. Servants of the Countercosmos
    by Wode
  13. Urere
    by KRATER
  14. Volaða Land
    by Draugsól
  15. First Step Towards Supremacy
    by Kosmokrator
  16. Devoid of Light
    by UADA
  17. Yūgen
    by Ashbringer
  18. fraktale
    by AST
  19. Wode
    by Wode
  20. A Gaze Into The Abyss
    by Antlers