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  1. The Avengers Theme Remix
    by Approaching Nirvana
  2. Weird Part Of The Night
    by Louis cole
  3. Shadow Spirits, Vol. 1
    by Cody Carpenter, Mark Day
    Enemy Within Enemy Within
    If this was in a JRPG on the SNES, it'd go down in history as one of the greatest of the era. Somehow manages to fully engross you in a nostalgic RPG that never was. Absolutely flawless album!
  4. Dark All Day
    by GUNSHIP
  5. Syndicate Shadow
    by Neon Nox
    by Chris Al3x
  7. Thinking
    by Louis cole
    by ONYRIX - Dino Olivieri
  9. カタカナ・タイトル EP
    by TANUKI
  10. Songs 01
    by Laqshe
  11. Monochrome (Sunset Neon Remix) [Single]
    by Scandroid
  12. Monochrome
    by Scandroid
    Monochrome Monochrome
    Monochrome is an absolute masterpiece of both the cyberpunk and synthwave genres.

    An epic story of man vs. machine is weaved into this massive album. I enjoyed the switching perspectives between the protagonists and machines. Monochrome is a thought provoking and inspiring song in both composition and story, which follows a character as a veil is lifted and they start to discover the colorless world beneath the lights. Stunning stuff and absolutely one of the best synthwave albums ever made!
  13. Vanishing Point EP
    by Neon Nox
    Hot Pursuit Feat. Powernerd Hot Pursuit Feat. Powernerd
    I will gush about Vanishing Point forever. What better debut could a new artist have than the first track in the album being one of the best synthwave tracks of all time?!

    Hot Pursuit is just that with a rolling beat, intense guitars and powerful synths, all invoking a feeling of mystery, emotion and Nox's vengeful soul. It's inspiring stuff and an absolutely inspiring composition.

    The rest of the album keeps up just as well with emotional, sincere masterpieces like The Last Man On Earth.
  14. Beyond Earth
    by Neon Nox
    Challenger Feat. Powernerd Challenger Feat. Powernerd
    A heart-pounding excursion through neon streets with deep, wholesome beats all the way through each extended track. This collection of dance-trance-synthwave is engaging, emotional and provocative.

    You'll get fast-paced race vibes from Challenger, A slow and emotional cruise in Far away, An intense and consequential journey in Final Voyage, then wind down with a slow, dark and serious tone in Escape.

    This is an album you'll have on repeat for days at a time!
  15. Unfinished Business
    by Neon Nox
    Turbulence Turbulence
    An outstanding collection of dark, vibrant tracks invoking a feeling of a purpose-driven ride through a neon cityscape. Deep, vibrating bass and sometimes sinister tones make Unfinished Business an excellent auditory experience.

    Checkpoint is an excellent, intense throwback-inducing song.

    I'll see you out on the streets.
  16. 1987
    by cobra copter
    1987 (album version) 1987 (album version)
    A slow, relaxing cruise somewhere between dusk and dawn. Invokes a feeling of watching a utopian city wake up as you cruise through its deserted morning streets after an all-night drive.

    I definitely appreciate a more chilled out, relaxed synthwave collection in contrast to the dark, purposeful tunes typical of the genre.
  17. Thriller (Single)
    by Scandroid
    This one's an absolute Thriller! A fantastic, creative-yet-faithful recreation of one of the most classic of classics. Scandroid stays close enough to retain MJ's signature style, whilst adding plenty of F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C Cyberpunk and Synthwave sounds. Just fantastic!
  18. Parallel Lives
    by Meteor
    City Lights City Lights
    Retrowave P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N!

    Meteor does it again with screaming guitars, pounding beats and singing synths all come together in this stunning collection of synthwave tracks.

    Meteor wields perfect control of electric guitar and 80s synths, bringing classic moods with Escape the Fate and She Has A Gun, Video-game-like adventures with Round One and Defender and then totally new genre-mixes like the heavy-metal-synth Destroyer.

    A must have for any synthwave fan's collection!
  19. Ninja Empire
    by cobra copter
    Ninja Mission Ninja Mission
    You'll feel like Sho Kosugi with this astoundingly accurate recreation of 80s Ninja Movie theme tunes from Cobra Copter!

    Every track is a nostalgic throwback invoking the feelings of the Ninja- Stealth, Action, Mystery and more.

    Chilled tracks like Ninja Mission and Ninja Interlude beat along to a funky pace, studding between the lightning fast action of Ninja Destiny and Ultimate Ninja. The album closes out with a dark, heavy-hitting synthwave ambiance.

    Ninja Love!
  20. Mighty Switch Force 2 OST
    by Jake Kaufman
    Credits (Rescue Girl) Credits (Rescue Girl)
    A delightful pixel-disco party with a supremely catchy melody that you'll be humming for weeks to come!

    Jake is one of the best composers out there right now and he proves it with this passionate, consistent and thematic collection of bumping tracks. This is the kind of soundtrack you'll want to listen- and dance- to outside of the game!

    The album polishes off with my favorite track, Rescue Girl, which is a wonderful surprise- a full vocal version of the game's theme!
  21. Aqua Kitty
    by Mark Day
    The Curdling Gulf The Curdling Gulf
    An upbeat retro-esque soundtrack that melds our modern music technology with retro beeps to create a fantastically memorable soundtrack that fits the game perfectly.

    Each track invokes the feeling of twitch-panic gameplay as you defend your kitties form hordes of mechanized fish!

    The Curdling Gulf is my favorite piece, with its dark scales and repeating synths. Simply excellent.
  22. Aqua Kitty UDX
    by Mark Day
    Battle of the Deep Battle of the Deep
    UDX is an incredible feat- years after the original, Electric Cafe is back with four all-new tracks that feel perfectly at home with the original soundtrack!

    The darker feeling of UDX matches the new features of the game, too. I particularly enjoyed Battle of the Deep, a delightfully sinister boss-like theme which is slower paced whilst retaining a sense of urgency. Great job!
  23. Angel Roots
    by RoBKTA x Zone Runners
    Who knew that Sonic fan characters liked getting high on the beach? You do now!
    This is a fantastic single, as expected from the Zone Runners. The Jamaican, hip-hop reggae vibes are fantastically different for the ZRs while still being true to their style with lots of mischievous romps crammed into five minutes. Fantastic!
  24. 3..2..1..Grenades Soundtrack
    by Banyango
    Tennis Tennis
    A delightfully goofy retro adventure with a consistent style and bouncy beats.

    It's a very positive sound that matches the fun-filled spirit of the game. The sheer number of tracks alone is impressive, and so is the consistency between every one of them!

    The title theme tells you what you need to know about the game with its friendly, upbeat melody!
  25. Rock Boshers
    by Mark Day
    Victorian Rain Dance Victorian Rain Dance
    Rock Boshers is another outstanding album from Electric Cafe with a boatload of retro ZX Spectrum charm.

    Rock Boshers is retro in every sense of the word and the music goes along with that perfectly. You'll convince yourself that you're listening to music directly from a Spectrum!

    Victorian Rain Dance is my favorite, with its popping backing synths and catchy-as-heck melody!
  26. Into The Moonlight
    by capercrew
    Into The Moonlight Into The Moonlight
    An excellent dance duology with thumping, fast-paced beats.

    Into the Moonlight is reminiscent of Japanese dance tracks you'd dance to in a DDR game, with its heavy beats, loud synths and addictive rhythm.

    Pangea begins on some more oriental sounds that blend seamlessly into electronic synths that build before dropping into heavy dance. We take a trip into some chiptune before hitting the dance hard again at the end. Fantastic!
  27. discography (2016)
    by In Love With A Ghost
  28. discography (2015)
    by In Love With A Ghost
  29. let's go
    by In Love With A Ghost
  30. interdimensional portal leading to a cute place ft. snail's house (single)
    by In Love With A Ghost
  31. ordinary magic ep
    by In Love With A Ghost
  32. healing
    by In Love With A Ghost
  33. diary // 2012-2014
    by In Love With A Ghost
  34. Fantasy
    by Night Tempo
  35. Mobile Sailor Gundam
    by Nanidato (ナニダト)
  36. Strike the Earth! Shovel Knight Arranged
    by Jake Kaufman
    by マクロスMACROSS 82-99
    by マクロスMACROSS 82-99
  39. It Follows
    by Disasterpeace
  40. Crazy Comets
    by Mark Day
  41. Omniversal Oscillations
  42. The Force Theme (Single)
    by Scandroid
  43. Inner Demon
    by Meteor
  44. Nightcall EP
    by Kavinsky
  45. Manhattan 2019
    by Meteor