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  1. Relentless - The Moment ft. Reks & Ripshop (Produced by Relentless)
    by Relentless The Tangible
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  2. School Daze
    by J1K
    Think this is J1K's strongest work! The ProU captain shows why people eagerly await EVERY tape he drops.

    What I love most is that its for more than just MCs. Perfect for listening to in the background while you try to relax. I always listen to this while doing work, and can't get enough.

    Tyshia Tyarr is also one VERY special vocalist.
  3. Beats For Artists
    by Jon Glass
    R.I.P. J Dilla 96.1 BPM R.I.P. J Dilla 96.1 BPM
    Jon Glass proves again why he's one of the best / most versatile producers and creative marketers from Massachusetts.

    The R.I.P J Dilla track is ridiculous in itself. You never know what to expect from Mr .Glass!

    Just the transition from R.I.P to WTF shows his versatility. He can create everything from country to boom map to trap, and creates some of my favorite soulful stuff all time.
  4. Summer Soulstice 2: Cosmic Beach
    by Apollo Main
    MJ prod. by Calsifer MJ prod. by Calsifer
  5. Freshman 15
    by Camino 84
    Strawberry Donut Strawberry Donut
  6. Patience
    by Ninetaels
    Not The One Not The One
    A Smooth experience from beginning to end. NineTaels does not disappoint! In classic NineTaels fashion. A great follow up to "Funk Yourself" which I definitely also highly recommend!
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  7. The SilverbackBastard
    by The Savage & Wicked Chimpanzee
    Dissociation Dissociation
    Feelin this album. Very unique. Just listen to "Dissociation" and "Victory" to see how different these two are (Savage & Chimpanzee).

    And the deep story in "Dissociation" is dope along with the amazing sample. Miles (Wicked Champanzee) always has deep layers of context with the meaning in his music. Highly recommended.
  8. The Will To Win
    by Green Street
    Sacrifice (ft. Sunny Jones) Sacrifice (ft. Sunny Jones)
  9. GMGOmusic presents: SK The Greatest
    by SK The Greatest
    I love the story behind this album creation: how hard SK worked on it: and how many people he was able to feature on it - it came out unbelievably cohesive and the soulful feel to it is really special. A stand-up character and incredible producer.
  10. Dark Forces
    by J1K
    Wicked Wicked
    Producers United captain J1K continues to drop bombs and impress the world.

    First he dropped a classic "Thirty Three" which I still listen to 12 months later, then the summer "Cruisin" tape, and now Dark Forces. All surpassing 100 downloads on Bandcamp and hundreds of thousands of plays on SoundCloud + lots of blog support!

    Keep it up man!
  11. Balancing Act 2
    by Colored Gray
    Cold Skies ( ft. Shafia, Keef, Azeezah, Bakari J.B. ) Cold Skies ( ft. Shafia, Keef, Azeezah, Bakari J.B. )
    Wazirs a great dude. The Window is one of the deepest tracks I've heard in my life. I'm absolutely obsessed with the track "Cold Skies" where he has some of his siblings on the track too. Super cool. This is a man you want to know, and will have much success.
  12. The 24 Hour Tape
    by The Savage
    11 AM 11 AM
    This track "11 AM" gets you SO hype. John Savage aka The_Savage of ProU is improving with every tape he puts out - and its just RIDICULOUS he created this in 24 hours.
  13. From Me 2 You
    by Dezi Leon
    Keep It Going (Prod. by Claw Beats) Keep It Going (Prod. by Claw Beats)
    Dezi Leon has the work ethic to really make it in this industry. One of the most caring people I know, and so passionate about her dreams. This track has touched thousands, and has gotten huge on SoundCloud. I love the video to it too!
  14. Bombing BeatsDaily (Presented by Producers United)
    by BeatsDaily
    I Wanna Be I Wanna Be
    Smooth and soulful yet so banging. He's a master at getting his records to sound at the highest quality. Attracts the dopest MCs to dominate on them. He really brings you back to a specific soul era of the 70s with this one
  15. Reforestation//Cratebase II
    by Ninetaels
    Hazy Skies Hazy Skies
  16. The Dichotomy EP
    by The Savage & Taariq Abdus Salaam
    Sleep Paralysis Sleep Paralysis
    So fun and off the wall. Fun beat and the flow Taariq delivers on this is flawless. Compared to what you're used to hearing, you don't hear this.

    The whole album is anti-club-era where people release crap to appeal to the mainstream. It's a really powerful message delivered. These two make a lethal combo.
  17. Procreative/Cratebase
    by Ninetaels
    Main Street Main Street
    When this album came out, I constantly had it on replay. NineTaels is one of the dopest vinyl samplers in the game. And he was making these bangers at age 16 & 17... Super hard to pick a favorite, there were so many good tracks.
  18. Hood Day
    by Hoggbeatz