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Shawn-Ray Dalinsky

  1. Seneca Falls, New York
  2. Punk
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  1. Everything Is Fine
    by Much The Same
  2. Flash Gordon Ramsay Street
  3. Necking On And Kicking Off
  4. Thoughtless
    by The Gospel Youth
    A Lie Never Lives To Be Old A Lie Never Lives To Be Old
    I have been waiting so long and this EP is even better than expected! Nick is a great replacement and I cannot wait for more. I only wish this were a full-length! The melodies are perfect.
  5. Afterlife
    by Light Years
  6. Like You Know
    by Bracket
  7. The Last Page
    by Bracket
  8. Split w/ City Mouse
    by The Murderburgers
  9. Shitty People & Toothache EP
    by The Murderburgers
  10. What A Mess
    by The Murderburgers
  11. I'm Going Surfing for Xmas
    by Mad Caddies
  12. Entropic
    by Hit The Switch
  13. Once Upon a Hell of a Time...
    by Matt Mays
  14. In Bloom: Versions
    by Neck Deep
  15. Old Youth
    by Former Member
  16. Thunder Road
    by Dan Campbell & Ace Enders
  17. Burning At Both Ends
    by Sleep On It
  18. The Dwarves Take Back the Night
    by The Dwarves
  19. Where'd You Get Your Values?
    by Lucky33
  20. A Split 7" For Charity
    by Chris DeMakes & Steve and the Neurotics
  21. Escape Velocity
    by Zombi
  22. Spirit Animal
    by Zombi
  23. The Zombi Anthology
    by Zombi
  24. Digitalis (EP)
    by Zombi
  25. Cosmos
    by Zombi
  26. Shape Shift
    by Zombi
  27. Goblin Rebirth
    by Goblin Rebirth
  28. Surface to Air
    by Zombi
  29. Vegas Strong: A Benefit from Punks in Vegas
    by Punks in Vegas
  30. Punk Rock Halloween - Loud, Fast & Scary
    by Punk Rock Halloween
  31. Head Down
    by ROAM
  32. Make You Bright
    by Oh, Weatherly
  33. Better Weather B-Sides
    by With Confidence
  34. Mint
    by Worship This!
  35. Nightmarathons
    by nightmarathons
  36. Cease Fires
    by Anti-Flag
  37. Live And Acoustic In Vienna
    by Anti-Flag
  38. Broadcasting To The Nations
    by Authority Zero
  39. Tricks Of The Trade
    by F.O.D.
  40. Pedestals
    by Such Gold
  41. Remember Death
    by Mute
  42. Harvest
    by F.O.D.
  43. When Stories Become Places
    by Bright Lights
  44. The 12 Habits Of Highly Defective People
    by The Murderburgers
  45. How To Ruin Your Life (Asian Man Records Re-Release w/ Bonus Tracks)
    by The Murderburgers