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  1. The Rain Room
    by Robert Dallas Gray
  2. The Wringer
    by Martha Ffion
  3. the Circles of Hell
    by One Blind Mouse
  4. Jerk: Live in London 2017
    by Michael Legge
  5. Live 2019: The Idiot
    by Michael Legge
  6. Strawberries To Pigs
    by Michael Legge
  7. You Always Said You Hated Christmas
    by Mitchell Museum
    I love this! Genuinely touching yet jaunty and catchy. Christmas perfection!
  8. III Weights
    by Bill Fever
    Such a great EP. It leaves you wanting more with every listen. It’s easy to switch on and listen to on repeat and feel like you’ve been taken on a journey. Bill is an unbelievable talent and I’m chuffed his music exists
  9. Fovea
    by Happy Particles
  10. orchestral suite no.1 new lanark [ALBUM]
    by A Sea Warren
    I am in no way a “classical music guy” but this CD may have converted me. The beauty that sweeps across these 4 parts is glorious and I just love it.
  11. Live at Lanternhouse Arts
    by Whin
    I missed out on this gig cause I live about 20 light years away from the venue so this was a really really wonderful gift they have given us!
  12. Giraffe
    by Lovers Turn to Monsters
    A lo-fi masterpiece
  13. Mixes
    by Whin/LADYfingers/diss1/Isobel McKenna
    Pot Traces [diss1 mix] Pot Traces [diss1 mix]
    I think Pot Traces is one of, if not the best songs of 2022!
  14. Hank Tree EP (vinyl)
    by Hank Tree
    There’s something very special about this EP. It’s got an amazing ability to transport you to a different plain and I love it!
  15. All I Have Now
    by Linzi Clark
  16. Pastimes
    by Baseball Gregg
  17. McPhailure
    by Dale McPhail
    Really love this collection of relatable, acoustic gems. Dale McPhail’s music is perfect for whacking on the walkman, walking around and just appreciating the beauty of life.
  18. Bolt
    by RM Hubbert
    RM Hubbert is something really special!
  19. Morning Coffee Theme
    by GRIM17
    Grim does it again! Forget The Bill, forget The Poddington Peas, forget Postman Pat, in fact forget everything you thought you knew about theme tunes and embrace this crazy bluesy rocky Grim soaked gem!
  20. August/A Dream
    by Whin
    Another astounding experience from the Whin guys! A completely unique and different experience to Dawn Firth in the best way possible!