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  1. Dharma (2001)
    by Shannon Lyon
  2. Abandoned Mansions acoustic EP
    by J. Robbins
  3. My Throat Is Soar (2016)
    by Shannon Lyon
  4. "Condos" - Live at The Bell House
    by Welcome to Night Vale
  5. Young Republic
    by Elizabeth Morris
  6. Wanderers
    by Asthmaboy
  7. Woahcean
    by Yesway
  8. A Brief Case Of Madness
    by Tom Dickins & The Punintentionals
  9. Made Your Mark
    by The Jane Austen Argument
    There honestly isn't anything JAA that I don't love.
  10. Firecracker
    by Stephan Nance
    Fun and upbeat, and one of the very few songs out there with a same sex couple as the focus. Thank you!
  11. Part The Dark Again
    by Marriages
  12. Broken Things
    by Shannon Lyon
  13. My Friends Are More Fucked Up than Me
    by Maia Jern
    My Friends Are More Fucked Up than Me My Friends Are More Fucked Up than Me
    'My Friends...' is a hilarious track, which will have you giggling, and yet it's also very true.
  14. Somewhere Under The Rainbow
    by The Jane Austen Argument
    Under The Rainbow Under The Rainbow
    As usual, the JAA is pretty much flawless. It's hard to pick a favorite track, but Under The Rainbow just has such gorgeous, gorgeous vocals, that it wins out. Song for a Siren is probably second on this list.
  15. Some Of This Life
    by Roy Dahan
  16. The Rap of Tasmania (Kim Boekbinder vs My Name Is Gus)
    by Amanda Palmer, The Young Punx, and Peaches
  17. Under The Rainbow (live) / Weightless Double Single
    by The Jane Austen Argument / Neon Bogart
  18. the birthing pyre
    by The Jane Austen Argument
  19. The Impossible Girl
    by Kim Boekbinder
    MISSION CONTROL exclusive
  20. Peter Pan - 6 Years On
    by Tom Dickins