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  1. UKRAINIAN AID MIX by Ivan Ave
    by Ivan Ave
    Hello, Ivan!

    Thank you for an opportunity to be a participant of this action. Me and my circles are mainly from Russia. And we DO NOT represent the current regime.

    We’re feeling shame and responsibility, we’re standing here for PEACE.

    I hope we will overcome the challenges, I hope we won’t give up in searching, communicating, defending, supporting and healing… I hope. We hope.
  2. Ivan Ave - Mid Season EP
    by Ivan Ave
    Gear Gear
    Dear Ivan!

    Six years ago you became one whose flow, energy and mindset have literally saved me, pushed me, guided me.

    I’ve listened to all your catalog, I’ve read probably all your interviews; every single thing you have made/seen/said finds me like a friendly hug.

    Thank you for nourishing my soul and uplifting my spirit. Thank you for selective eyes and ears. Thank you for just being you.

    Shouts to Mutual Intentions. Shouts to Mndsgn and Sasac. Shouts to Nick Dahlen. Be safe! 🙏🏽
  3. What A Day!!!
    by Ivan Ave
    Your art is my day-to-day sputnik for more than five years… Another turn is coming.

    Thank y’all.

    What a solid work. What a beautiful gathering. What a Day!!!
  4. Ivan Ave - Double Goodbyes
    by Ivan Ave
    On The Very Low On The Very Low
  5. Also Radio 004: Ivan Ave Covid-19 Refugee Aid Mix
    by Ivan Ave
  6. Ivan Ave - Nu Path
    by Mutual Intentions
  7. My Side Of The Story (feat. Ivan Ave)
    by Like
  8. Every Eye
    by Ivan Ave
    Running Shoes Running Shoes
    Incredibly honest, penetrating, discerning... My mind has got an absolute resonance with everything about this album.
  9. Also
    by Ivan Ave
    Ambivalence of things within this song is definitely a fundamental segment of my lifestyle.
  10. Ivan Ave - Yours Truly (prod. Fredfades)
    by Mutual Intentions
  11. Ivan Ave - Machines (prod. Mndsgn)
    by Mutual Intentions
  12. Helping Hands
    by Ivan Ave
    Hello Hello
    More-than-life album...
  13. Low Jams
    by Ivan Ave
    Keep Looking prod. Mndsgn Keep Looking prod. Mndsgn
    My low-key vibes…
  14. Breathe
    by Fredfades & Ivan Ave
    Breathe (One) Breathe (One)
    I breathe.

    Thank you!
  15. Hands
    by Fredfades & Ivan Ave
    Hands Hands
  16. Bout It
    by (Liv).e
  17. lo&behold
    by lojii
    U callin' Me (ft. pink siifu & akeema-zane) [prod. swarvy] U callin' Me (ft. pink siifu & akeema-zane) [prod. swarvy]
  18. Dream Child
    by Omari Jazz
    Prana Prana
    Touching, subtle, soothing. I’m levitating…

    Thank you!
  19. Childqueen Outtakes
    by Kadhja Bonet
  20. Childqueen
    by Kadhja Bonet
    Mother Maybe Mother Maybe
    This extraordinary, extraterrestrial album stands beyond any attempt to give a clear description. It’s far beyond…

    Just let Kadhja Bonet haunt your heart. Let it be.