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Shady Khalife

  1. Melbourne, Australia
  2. Experimental
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  1. Electric Isle EP
    by Dream Fiend
    Indigo Indigo
    Killer debut EP from Dream Fiend! A fun ride that's beautifully produced from start to end.
  2. Caffeine Kiss
    by Thee Acquainted
    Red Lights Red Lights
    Really lovely! Catchy, warm and honest.
  3. Happy Tears
    by Celebrine & Alien Delon
    Cellar Door Cellar Door
  4. Venality
    by Daydreamer
    House Of Cards House Of Cards
    Nice balance of melody and brutal rhythms. Absolutely love 'House of Cards'
  5. Core
    by Noradrenaline
    A beautiful blend of vocals and piano in which Noora has captured a really cool sense of dreamlike airiness and space.
  6. Won't Get Lost
    by The Aston Shuffle
  7. Neon EP
    by VERSA
    Wanderlust Wanderlust
    Slightly obsessed. I love the otherworldly, distant sound of 'Wanderlust'
  8. Into the Dark Unknown
    by Holcombe Waller
    Hardliners Hardliners
  9. Heart Life EP
    by Marcel Legane
    Friendly Fire Friendly Fire
    Reflective lyrics and sweet melody wrapped in a catchy pop-rock sound. Lovely!
  10. Human Nature [2012]
    by Noradrenaline
    subscriber exclusive
  11. Nothing Follows, Nothing Stays
    by emptyself
    Get Away or Disintegrate Get Away or Disintegrate
  12. Emptyself
    by emptyself
    None Except You None Except You