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Shadow Weaver

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  1. Made in Hawaii
    by Vixen
  2. Vertical Helix Scan (2020)
  3. Ecstasy With the Nonexistents
    by Chaos Echœs
  4. Penetrating, For Filtration
    by Akhira Sano
  5. BFE53 Самцы Дронта (Samtsi Dronta) LP
    by Btx3R/F01101/Exe.
  6. BFE60 Group A - Initiation LP
    by Btx3R/F01101/Exe.
  7. Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back
    by Uniform & The Body
  8. Psychic Drones
    by Joel Gilardini and KK NULL
  9. Descending Pillars
    by Void Rot
  10. Ulcerous Dimensions
    by Evaporated Sores
  11. Chapter III: The Void God
    by Shaidar Logoth
  12. Nightmare Traversal
    by Cryptae
  13. City Baby Attacked By Buds
    by Rocky And The Sweden
  14. Svartmunkar
    by Íbbagoggur
  15. S/T
    by Pipyu (ピッピュ)
  16. Death Training
    by Kyoufu Shinbun (恐怖新聞)
  17. Eastern Saga: Live at Tusk
  18. Made in Hawaii
    by Vixen
  19. S/T
    by Portray Heads
  20. Pain, Ritual & Life
    by Granule