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  1. The Hero Seed
    by Skelduz
  2. Hour Of The Centaur
    Anxiously They Sleep In Tumuli Anxiously They Sleep In Tumuli
    Hate Forest is one those rare bands that get better over time. Bare-bones black metal in its most ruthless form; a cold and violent maelstrom that engulfs the listener in a whirlwind of bleakness and venom. Beware the steppe.
  3. Enwreathed in Frost
    by Snowfall
  4. flies the coop II [demo]
    by Hole Dweller
  5. Binding Branches
    by Sunken Grove
  6. Precious Solitude
    by Sunken Grove
  7. The Conjuror's Dream
    by Winter Seer
  8. Olden Ruins & Miry Depths
    by Kyriss
  9. Frisk Kuling
    by Fåntratt
  10. Under Isen
    by Fåntratt
    by Eternal Champion
  12. Disinter
    by Stone Chamber
    Lunar Reverence Lunar Reverence
    Manilla Road + Ildjarn = Manildjarn Road = Stone Chamber
  13. A Full Moon Shone On Hallows Eve
    by Witch Haunt
  14. Autumnal Hymns for an Ample Harvest
    by Warm Smial
  15. Songs for the Garden in Morning
    by Warm Smial
  16. Lost Songs of Distant Realms: Volume Two
    by Quest Master
  17. The Twelve Castles
    by Quest Master
  18. The Spectral Sessions (Autumnal Improvisations)
    by Cimitir
  19. Svartalvheim
    by Ancient
  20. Ære og Trufastheit
    by Faavnesbane
    Heroic ambient that is solemn and austere, Faavnesbane calls you to the highest peaks of the snowcapped mountains; where those who suffer the arduous journey are hidden by the clouds from those who peer up from below. Runic meditations for spiritual ascension.