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San Diego, California
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An aspiring artist in the vein of dark ambient idm and experimental post-rock.
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  1. Orange Mathematics
    by Frontierer
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    The Digital Tarpit The Digital Tarpit
    I usually prefer music that at least allows you to breathe, but this hypnotic beast manages to pass the the threshold of extreme intensity to the point where the non-stop but constantly shifting brutality is actually mesmerizing
  2. Path of Dissolutions
    by Hoshin
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    Tender Deadlocks Tender Deadlocks
  3. Journey
    by Austin Wintory
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    Nascence Nascence
  4. Things Have No Title (feat. CJ Liquid)
    by Jan Amit
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  5. This Silent Sea
    by Various Artists
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    T¢rshavn Blod T¢rshavn Blod
  6. The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes
    by Totakeke
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    The Past Forgotten The Past Forgotten
  7. void();
    by Access To Arasaka
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    sys.argv[1:] sys.argv[1:]
    I somehow purchased this album last after all of ATA's other discography years ago and I have to say I truly thing this is his best album. The dark atmosphere, cinematic soundscape, utterly pristine glitchy beatwork, and overall flow of the album is pretty much the perfect dark IDM album. Hearing the updated songs from his ==null EP was cool too as they take on whole new layers
  8. All Standing Room In The Goodnight Saloon
    by Autoclav1.1
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    Waxing Waxing
  9. Return To Childhood
    by Undermathic
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    Independence Independence
    This album is incredible and utterly unique. I discovered Undermathic on his third album, Indistinct Face, which is beautiful in its own way, but this debut album simply blew all of my expectations out of the water. Powerful, hard hitting, complex, atmospheric, and completely immersive sound design that never loses steam throughout the entire album, except perhaps "Lighthouse" which breaks the flow with a more mechanical sound. 5/5 for sure
  10. From The Outside
    by MultiColor
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    His Name In Your Eyes His Name In Your Eyes
    At first I was disappointed by the Housey-feel of this album and lack of the glitchy beatwork from "Cyclicity" but over time I came to fall completely immersed in the utterly incredible sound design and never-ending subtle textures and time signature shifts that have beautifully adorned this album and made it truly unique
  11. 10:10pm
    by Undermathic
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    Big City Nights Big City Nights