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  1. Non Paradisi
    by GosT
    Commencement Commencement
  2. Fuck You Brain
    by Ginger Wildheart & Ryan Hamilton
    Fuck You Brain Fuck You Brain
  3. Drama Club Rejects
    by Drama Club Rejects
  4. Fin del mundo a 33rpm
    by The Monster Ones
    Slasher Slasher
    I listened to this so many times I had to buy it. Both songs are brill but the one word hook of 'Slasher!', is wicked! A slight Black Sabbath riff in the song adds to the goodness & the wrongness of the lyrics. Buy this, enjoy this, drink piss!
  5. Cosmic Surgery
    by neat beats
    Graffiti on a Tuesday Night Graffiti on a Tuesday Night
  6. Video Game Characters
    by neat beats
  7. Life Sentence
    by Breaking Point
    I reach out I reach out
    Saw this band supporting Madball in Birmingham, UK. The song I Reach Out really stuck with me when it was performed live, especially with it being such a good track and the venue going nuts!!! So after the gig I got home googled the band and ended up finding this e.p. BPHC Cheers.
  8. Gost
    by Gost
    Ritual Ritual
    Listening to Gost makes me feel like a teenager and I'm sure I've started to look younger since doing so. Sounds like 1980's music brought back from the future. Kind of ZX SPECTRUM Vs iPad. Treat your face to some beats and bass.
  9. -NOMADIC-
    by Fallujah
    The Dead Sea The Dead Sea
  10. Droids
    by Droids
    Astromech And Protocol Astromech And Protocol
  11. Radical Returns
    by Zazz Trip
    Unadulterated Flying Object Unadulterated Flying Object
    This is really good. I read that Dinos Chapman (English Artist) had been recording during the night and was releasing an album. As I read an interview with Dinos, I imagined it was going to sound like Radical Returns. When DC’s ‘Luftbobler’ was released I thought it was great in its own way, however it was no ZAZZ TRIP. Unfortunately it wasn’t what I expected, ZAZZ TRIP reigns supreme.

    Searching for UNIQUENESS is like searching for the LOCHNESS MONSTER. It’s never gonna happen... or is it?
  12. No Wonder No One Talks To Her
    by TurboShandy
    Smilin' Smilin'
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