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  1. sorry for the delay EP
    by the blamed
    God bless Bryan and Co.
  2. Live at Porch Party Records
    by RUFRANO
  3. You Said
    by Bosque Brown
  4. Wet Leg
    by Wet Leg
  5. Cause & Effect: Richard Swift / Tall Tall Trees
    by Richard Swift & Tall Tall Trees
  6. Becoming What You Hate
    by Pony Express
  7. Super Snõõper
    by Snooper
  8. A Riot Of Snowflakes
    by Charity Empressa
  9. California (Remastered)
    by The Lassie Foundation
    I Can Be Her Man (Remastered) I Can Be Her Man (Remastered)
    The summer of ‘97 I was about to leave where I had lived my entire life and go 14+ hours away. That summer I found California. I bought it because Eric and Wayne were a part of Starflyer’s Americana album. From the first, “Thank you! Lassie Foundation” introduction I was in. This was the soundtrack to that time of my life. Loud music with soft singing w lyrics that were both hopeful+ realistic. It is still one of my fav albums ever and I love that I can have it on vinyl. Thanks guys.
  10. The Unreal And The Hyperreal Happening At Once
    by Spoken in Tongues
  11. Merry Christmas
    by The Rocky Valentines
    Unknown Unknown
  12. Monkeys & Spoons
    by LN
    Falling Out Of Cars Falling Out Of Cars
    Welcome back friend.
  13. The Rocky Valentines EP
    by The Rocky Valentines
    Driving Blind Driving Blind
  14. Bells Merrily
    by Ronnie Martin
  15. A Sky Record
    by Damon & Naomi
  16. In the 21st Century
    by Damon & Naomi
  17. Life In Bed (Starflyer 59 Cover)
    by Adiós Cometa
    love this band
    love this cover
  18. EP2
    by Isla Invisible
  19. Split EP
    by Adiós Cometa
    Adiós Cometa - Prefiero Quedarme Adiós Cometa - Prefiero Quedarme
    More split eps from these two. Next one on vinyl...
  20. Reggae Film Star
    by Damien Jurado
    What Happened To The Class Of '65? What Happened To The Class Of '65?
    Once again Damien saved my spirit.