This is Seth Scott’s music collection on Bandcamp.

Seth Scott

  1. Experimental
  1. collection 205
  2. followers 13
  3. following 152
    by Church Andrews & Matt Davies
  2. Sidestepped
    by Oliver Coates
  3. A Hope I Had
    by Lucy Liyou
  4. fold the horse (종이 접기)
    by Lucy Liyou
  5. You are every memory
    by Lucy Liyou
  6. Granulations-sillages — Franges du signe — Signal sur bruit
    by Guy Reibel
  7. Groups: Articulations of the Real
    by Marcin Pietruszewski
  8. Vandalize Music
    by Lorenzo Senni
  9. Ten Impressions for Piano and Strings
    by Sean McCann
  10. Too Much Light
    by foodman, Ethan P. Flynn, otta
  11. Unmeasured Preludes for Keyboards
    by Neil Luck & Satoko Doi-Luck
  12. There Isn't A Window That I Won't Look Out Of
    by M. T. Hadley
  13. Flocking 19
    by Shedding
  14. Synth Scraping
    by Tom Mudd
  15. Nom Occasions
    by Atte Elias Kantonen
  16. Détournement Choral
    by Christian Zanési
  17. Sketches For World Of Echo: June 25 1984 Live At Ei
    by Arthur Russell
  18. Panopticon
    by Graham Dunning
  19. AAI
    by Mouse On Mars
  20. 2 Late 4 Love
    by Roy of The Ravers