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  1. Wanderer
    by Marsh Dweller
  2. Lavinia
    by Phryne
  3. The One Reborn
    by Putrescine
  4. rain (ambient ep)
    by Unreqvited
  5. And All Will Be Desolation
    by Allfather
  6. Heralding of a New Age
    by And The Oceans Dream Eternal
  7. flies the coop
    by Hole Dweller
  8. The Eldest One
    by Windtower
  9. Slow And Heavy - Tyrannic Edition
    by Diplodocus
  10. Dragons of Autumn Twilight
    by Casket Of Dreams
  11. Transcending The Realm Of Thought
    by Burznazg
  12. Nocturnal Obeisance
    by And The Oceans Dream Eternal
  13. Ancient Runic Sorcery
    by Forgotten Land
  14. Darkness Remains Unsent
    by Bladesmith
  15. Beltane - Spring
    by Forgotten Land
  16. The Tenebrous Journey
    by Bladesmith/Ohvrkivi
  17. Daggryet Flammer
    by FjellElv
  18. Winterstead
    by Guild Of Lore
  19. A Forest Is Myne Home
    by Forgotten Land
  20. The Triumph of Spring
    by Borg
  21. Stabat Nvda Aestas
    by Symbiosis
  22. Lands of Ice and Snow
    by Winternacht
  23. Nature and Solitude
    by Forest of Yore
  24. Under The Red Sky
    by FjellElv/Nargul
  25. Upon Twilight
    by Nykteros
  26. Imbolc - Winter
    by Forgotten Land
  27. The Odyssey
    by Mare Frigoris
  28. The Grey Of The Storm Blinds All Hope
    by Ellylldan
  29. More True Than Time Thought
    by Hedge Wizard
  30. Unwelcome Guests
    by Blood Lord
  31. Nachtkrieg
    by Forgotten Land/Uruk-Hai
  32. Samhain​-​Autumn
    by Forgotten Land
  33. Book II
    by Ellylldan
  34. Adversarial Light
    by Lothric
  35. Path Through the Realm
    by Haxan Dreams
  36. The Minstrel's Fireplace Tales
    by Medhelan
    by Dungeons Deep Records
  38. The First Flame of Lordran
    by Bellkeeper
  39. Search of True Ascendance
    by Paths of the Eternal
  40. To See The Stars Again
    by Contagiion / Benighted In Sodom
  41. Phases
    by Barren Branches
    Hang With Me Hang With Me
  42. Let the Galaxy Burn
    by S H R I E K I N G
  43. Adore
    by Numenorean
  44. The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings
    by Obsequiae
  45. Dead Forest
    by Seas Of Winter