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  1. Solace (Reissue)
    by Ion Dissonance
  2. Propagate
    by Epicenter
    This = slaps
  4. Prelude To Evisceration
    by Matriphagy
  5. Anomaly
    by Norrin_Radd
  6. Аспид - Кровоизлияние
    by Metal Race
  7. That Makes Me Smart!
    by Anal Trump
  8. Post Apocalyptic Revisionist History
    by Deathamphetamine
  9. My First Time
    by Look What I Did
  10. Boomer Entomber
    by Axeslasher
    Axeslasher you bastards have done it again. Keep it up
  11. The Lost Album
    by Deathamphetamine
  12. Extinction Imminent
    by Stone the Oracle
    Concrete Facelift Concrete Facelift
    Stoked you guys, sounds crispy as fuck
  13. Multiversal
    by The Beast of Nod
  14. Wither
    by Lord Almighty
  15. Sour Grapes
    by Goratory
    Someone randomly gave me a Goratory cd outside of the Worcester Palladium after a show in like 2003 and somehow all these years later here we are. You guys fuckin rule
  16. Transcending The Esoteric Plane
    by Calcemia
  17. Video Game Covers
    by George Orwell The Musical
  18. The Drifter's Warning
    by Axeslasher
  19. Suburban Legends
    by Smash Potater
    fuckin smash them potaters
  20. Listen To The Color
    by Arsonists Get All The Girls