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  1. Drunk on Dreams
    by Astrix & Ace Ventura
  2. Agitation
    by Lifeforms
  3. Visions
    by Astrix & Atomic Pulse
  4. Friday Night Funkin' OST, Vol. 1
    by Kawai Sprite
  5. Skitzofrenia Simulation
    by Sewerslvt
    Car Accident Car Accident
    After countless listens, this is for sure one of my favorite albums. Ever. I always feel so captivated & emotional listening to it. I consider this project to be my "comfort music" when I'm feeling down. Brutal, beautiful, & depressing atmosphere all-around; that signature Sewerslvt sound we all know & love, yet pushing that sound further to new boundaries. Incredible work, Jvne
  6. Alchemy
    by Mittsies
  7. Titanium
    by Mittsies
  8. Dreams of the Deep
    by Aviators
    Can You Hear It? Can You Hear It?
    After countless listens, I think it's safe to say Dreams of the Deep is officially my new fav album of yours. I thought it would be impossible to surpass Stargazers, but here I am proven wrong. Dead wrong. Never has an album got me so invested & warped into, especially the beauty & darkness that is the Lovecraftian themes. Avi greatly pushes his boundaries in terms of production, creativity, mixing, & with a sprinkle of surprises. By far, your best work to date
  9. Textures
    by AK
  10. Brimstone
    by Mittsies
  11. Empire Of Steel (feat. Scandroid) [Single]
    by Essenger
  12. Epitomize (Sinner's VIP)
    by Mittsies
  13. Epitomize (VIP Edit)
    by Mittsies
  14. Equilibrium
    by Mittsies
    Temporary Temporary
    Been supporting Mittsies for many, many years now, since the old MLP days - And the fact they're getting the recognition they deserve makes me incredibly happy. Can't wait what comes next, squirrel dude!
  15. Addict Remixed
    by Silva Hound ft. Michael Kovach and Chi-Chi
  16. Follow The Midnight
    by ValeStorm Studios
  17. Beyond the Senses (Bliss Remix)
    by Astrix
  18. Artcore
    by Astrix
  19. Eye to Eye
    by Astrix
    Eye to Eye Eye to Eye
  20. The Cinematic Future
    by Aviators
    Disconnected (feat. Synthfox) Disconnected (feat. Synthfox)