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  1. Psychedelic Awakening
    by V/A | Future Music Records
  2. Superstar
    by Mad Tribe
  3. Dimension 005 (Compiled by Alpha Portal)
    by Alpha Portal
    Magic Portal (Electric Universe Remix) Magic Portal (Electric Universe Remix)
    Love the compilation! Massive Psytrance tracks both groovy & mind-altering to the core <3
  4. Midnight Maimer
    by Cluster Buster
  5. Truth - Mushrooms EP (DDD036) - 12" Vinyl
    by Truth
    Truth x Stylust x Sgt Pokes - Grampian Truth x Stylust x Sgt Pokes - Grampian
    If you were to look up the definition of "deep", the first result would be this EP. Very impressed with this golden release!
  6. Abstrakt Sonance - Fire Dance EP (DDD032)
    by Abstrakt Sonance
  7. Truth & Lelijveld - Tears
    by Truth, Lelijveld
  8. Samba - Kings EP (DDD047)
    by Samba
    Samba - Kings (DDD047) Samba - Kings (DDD047)
    Samba really killed it with this EP! Every track is phenomenal & proves to be one of my all-time favorite releases this year
  9. Amazing Tales From Outer Space
    by Mad Tribe - Tip Records
    Out of this World Out of this World
  10. 1200 Mic's
    by 1200 Micrograms - Tip Records
    96% 96%
  11. Center of the Universe
    by Mandragora | Iboga Records
  12. Godhunter
    by Aviators
    Signed on for a Sequel Signed on for a Sequel
    If I had to choose two words to describe this album, it would be: Clever & Strange. These two words go hand & hand, from brilliant, lore-heavy storytelling to jaw-dropping, genre-mashing, exploratory instrumentals that makes me wonder if this is the same Aviators I know & love. In my eyes, this album is worth more than gold <3
  13. Spitfire
    by Infected Mushroom
  14. Head of NASA and the 2 Amish Boys
    by Infected Mushroom
    Lost In Space Lost In Space
    This album is nothing but a trippy, psychedelic space adventure from beginning to end

    Every track is trippy, catchy, & unique in their own way & will always remain fresh. One of my all-time favorite albums 🍄
  15. Bloody Night Fever EP
  16. The Luciferian Crown
  17. Stoned
  18. Evil Sound Screamers
  19. Witchtanic Hellucinations
  20. Lux Satanae (Thirteen Hymns Of Finnish Devil Worship)
  21. Nightmares EP
    Monsters After Midnight Monsters After Midnight
    Dark Synth at its purest form! King Stephen delivers uncanny & energetic Dark Synth like no other, especially towards the first track "Monsters After Midnight" having a few EDM influences in there
  22. EP III
    by Carpenter Brut
  23. Death's Omnipotence
    by Blood Worship
    Shadows Etched in Stone Shadows Etched in Stone
    Brutal, melodic, & a fucking glorious, uncanny masterpiece to Black Metal! I can guarantee that even Satan himself loves this debut EP!
  24. Spectacular (Cover)
    by PrinceWhateverer
  25. Apocalypse (LP)
    by We Are Magonia
    Satanic Worship Satanic Worship
    Now THIS is one hell of a debut album! From the glorious, atmospheric black metal-influenced orchestral mixed with headbanging dark synth & guitar, this album will forever be golden. Perfectly resembles what kind of synthwave I love

    Apocalypse is beautifully destructive ⛧
  26. Truth x Stylust x Youngsta - Freak Show (DDD034)
    by Truth, Stylust, Youngsta
  27. Judas (Lady Gaga cover)
    by Rage Of Light
  28. Goddess of Deception.
    by influx
  29. Sky High
    by AK
  30. Lunatic
    by Code: Pandorum
  31. JoinedTheHerd - Memory Lane
    by JoinedTheHerd
  32. Let There Be Fire
    by Aviators
    Monumental Monumental
    What a beautiful, dark, & atmospheric journey this album was! From epic, cinematic fantasy rock to catchy electronic tunes, Let There Be Fire is a well-constructed & very experimental album that has a lot to offer! Absolutely adore the different kinds of atmosphere in each track. Truly golden! You just never fail to surprise us, Avi <3
  33. Howling at the Moon
    by Aviators
  34. This Day Aria [StrachAttack Remix]
    by StrachAttack
  35. Kill List Chapter 1
    by Sadhu,Code: Pandorum, Sudden Death and many more...
  36. Disconnect EP
    by MOTH
    Hourglass (feat. Bryson Beert of 1.8.7. Deathstep) Hourglass (feat. Bryson Beert of 1.8.7. Deathstep)
  37. Good Girl (cover ft. All The Mares)
    by 4EverfreeBrony
  38. Shadow People - 12" Vinyl Edition
    by Shadow People
    Shadow People x Taso - Eyes on Me ft Rosa Shadow People x Taso - Eyes on Me ft Rosa
    Beautiful album, Shadow People (Truth & Youngsta)! Your styles blend so perfectly well together, it's unreal. Truly Deep, Dark, & of course Dangerous. I'm sure I already know what my favorite album of 2018 is... <3
  39. Jason
    by Code: Pandorum
  40. Lazarus
    by Code: Pandorum
  41. *SOLD OUT* DMVU - Bloccd - Limited White Vinyl w/ Truth remix (DDDX)
    by DMVU, TRUTH
    DMVU - Bloccd (Truth Remix) DMVU - Bloccd (Truth Remix)
  42. Bass Rocket EP: 5th Anniversary Edition
    by Silva Hound
  43. Dreams of Neo-Tokyo
    by Scandroid
  44. Whisper
    by Direct
  45. Royal [Prod. by $uicideboy$]
    by $uicideboy$