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  1. Dreamtime Physics
    by Entheogenic
    Bioluminescence Bioluminescence
    I haven't bought downtempo for a while, then today I was notified of Entheogenic new release and I immediately purchased it without any prior listening. Enough said. Edit after listening: This is just another fabulous record from a genius named Piers. Magnificent from start to finish. 9.5/10
  2. Narcose – Panda Eyes
    by Mystic Sound Records
    Panda Eyes Panda Eyes
    Freshly released, this album is so good... I strongly suggest listening via good headphones, here subtleties can make the difference. 8.5/10
  3. A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
    by Globular
    Feeding Back Forwards Feeding Back Forwards
    This is a top-notch psydub album I've been oblivious to for way too long. 8.5/10
  4. Inner Expedition
    by Yarn
    U.S.M. U.S.M.
    Perfect soundtrack for an inner expedition in search of your true self. 9/10
    Do i care - Antariskha mix Do i care - Antariskha mix
    The best Tajmahal release to date. Haunting - is the word I think can best describe the aura spreading from this spectacular album. 9/10
  6. Frozen Ants
    by Subsurfing
    Frozen Ants Frozen Ants
    Spectacular album that has been missing from my collection for way too long. Insanely brilliant genius... If you love Mystical Experience or Shpongle, this is for you. After this album, IMO Greg Hunter's productions got a bit convoluted. 9/10
  7. Texiopaxoui
    by GreatOwl
    Aipili Aipili
    I'd been missing this 2016 release until I found it pretty by chance. Glad I did, because IMO this is one of the best albums of 2016. Every track is blissful, can't pick favourites. But for a quick taste of what's herein, just listen to Delexi: you might be hooked on instant as I was. 9/10
  8. A Substitute For Love
    by Pranasonics
    A Substitute For Love A Substitute For Love
    As I write, very little is known about this producer, except he is from Germany, looks a little bit like Heath Ledger :-) and has just released an excellent psychill album. A raw talent to watch closely, I hope he will keep up the great work. 8.5/10
  9. Together as One
    by Iacchus
    Together as One Together as One
    This is the sophomore effort of Iacchus and IMO his best album so far. Absolutely brilliant, hope to hear more from this talented producer. 8.5/10
  10. Interabang
    by Supersillyus
    Palindromeda Palindromeda
    This is nothing short than a masterpiece. Listening to Interabang is quite a challenging experience, yet so rewarding. Very much reminiscent of Shpongle in terms of changing rhythms, pulsating bass and textures wizardry.
    Good albums manage to transport the listener into different sonic realms with different tracks, this one does that within one single track. Are you Supersillyused? I am. 9.5/10
  11. Odyssey
    by SunSquabi
    Squabcat Squabcat
    This is funktronica (can I say this?) at its best! Simply gorgeous, will likely blow you away if you're in the mood for groove and jam music. 8.5/10
  12. [EAR] Music Compilation Vol. 4
    by Various Artists
    Reflection Reflection
    Overall this is a very good anthology. The first 10 tracks IMO are stellar (except for no. 2), then there's a predictable decay. At the end, with Wei-Chi Field the stellar level is restored. 8.5/10
  13. Good Trip
    by Mushroom Lab
    Flute Story Flute Story
    If you like electronic music, do yourself a favour, buy this stellar album, put on your best headphones, pump up the volume, and... good trip. 9/10
  14. Mindsphere [24bits]
    by Various Artists
    Kumharas - Dhyan Yun Kumharas - Dhyan Yun
    Perfectly good collection of tunes from different producers, pretty consistent in style. Classy psybient mastered at 24 bits, at nominal price. A real deal and a feast for ears. 8.5/10
  15. Gringo
    by Liquid Rockz
    Akazie Akazie
    Quite difficult to qualify this music, it's too inventive and eclectic, which is one more reason to love it. Also hard to pick favourite tracks, the whole album is consistently beautiful. Highly recommended. 8.5/10
  16. Thoughts From The Past EP
    by Erot
    Valeriana Valeriana
    One of the reasons I love bandcamp is the chance to discover secret treasures (at least for me) like this short but mesmerising EP. Psybient as I like the most. 8.5/10
  17. Petal
    by Broke For Free
    Golden Hour Golden Hour
    One of the most uplifting albums I've come across. Beats gloominess and puts in a refreshed mood, guaranteed. 8/10
  18. The First Steps
    by Hinkstep
    Dr Hinkstep Dr Hinkstep
    The first steps... steady, energetic, fluid gait already showcased here by Danish producer Hinkstep. Plenty of excellent stuff with only a few mediocre tunes. 8/10
  19. Celestial Colors [24Bits]
    by STEP HIGH
    Red Shift [24] Red Shift [24]
    In the face of what I call the "psydub inflation", whereby more often then not less-than-good projects are showcased, this guy (born in 1991) makes a very good service to the genre (and to psychill). I wish there were more Chakras in the human body. 8.5/10
  20. Emerse
    by Beatroots
    Blazing Past Blazing Past
    Perfectly good drum & bass, plus excellent mastering and nominal price as additional treats. 8.5/10
  21. DNA
    by Pedra Branca
    Albatroz Albatroz
    From Brazil, classy downtempo flavored with ethnic and jazz influences. Quite original and uncommonly beautiful. 8.5/10
  22. Vibradimensional Experience [24Bits]
    Upbeat Meditation [24] Upbeat Meditation [24]
    This is jaw dropper! Easily the best release of 2016 and one of the best ever, IMHO. Classifying it as psydub would be demeaning, it goes way beyond. An absolute masterpiece, 80 minutes of pure dope with no side effects. 9.5/10
  23. Sonosophy of the Forests
    by The Flowerball Project
    the Force that Twirls the Branches the Force that Twirls the Branches
    Downtempo is not a developed genre here in Italy, so I'm positively surprised by such a gem of an album. Calm, inspired and beautiful tunes. Bravo Dario. 8/10
  24. Discovering The Ancient
    by Ekoplex
    04 Shamanic Drums 04 Shamanic Drums
    As I write, this magnificent album only accounts for very few supporters on Bandcamp, which leaves me astonished. Highly psychedelic midtempo, somehow reminiscent of the first Shpongle. 8.5/10
  25. Unity In Diversity
    by D-Echo Project
    D-Echo Project - Be Chilled D-Echo Project - Be Chilled
    These catching tunes will make you nod and release endorphins. Somehow reminds me of the Thievery Corporation. Damn good. 8/10
  26. Dryad's Bubble
    by Spatialize
    Moksha Journey Moksha Journey
    The grandeur of Spatialize kicked in the downtempo arena with this awesome debut album. 9/10
  27. In the Midst of Myriads
    by Spatialize
    Why Lyme? Why Lyme?
    Dear Neil Butler, did anybody tell you that you are a genius? 9/10
  28. Radial
    by Spatialize
    Koog and Zalem Koog and Zalem
    Well, I've been hooked on Spatialize. Quite simply, this is another masterpiece. Buy it and enjoy, if you love downtempo. 9/10
  29. On the Edge of Forever
    by Spatialize
    Hancock Entity Hancock Entity
    This is a gorgeous downtempo album. Beautiful tracks from start to finish. 8.5/10
  30. Tons Of Sky
    by Giyo
    Dorothy Dorothy
    This album defies classification, the long list of tags in its bc page says it quite well. Giyo is an eclectic musician and one that leaves the mark. Tons of Sky is a box full of different gems, all beautiful. 7.5/10
  31. Language of Light
    by Merkaba
    Solar Ohm Solar Ohm
    I'm not enthusiastic about psytrance, but this one I like. Cannot explain why, but it grabbed me at first listen. 7.5/10
  32. Fusion
    by adham shaikh
    Opal Opal
    A wonderful kaleidoscope of rhythms and sounds, worth being part of every music collection. 9/10
  33. My Heart Is Love
    by Aligning Minds
    Weeping Willow (feat. Born Infinite) Weeping Willow (feat. Born Infinite)
    The first track is beatless ambient, but it's the other eight tracks that define the album with a different mood, groovy and soulful. Reminds me of Abakus. An amazing warm musical blanket for our own comfort. 8/10
  34. Fairchildren
    by Ott.
    The Bicycle Of The Sky The Bicycle Of The Sky
    Ott strikes again, and what a strike! BTW, I think I'll set The bicycle of the sky as my phone ringer. Such a stunning intro :-) 9/10
  35. Enthymesis
    by Entheogenic
    Eluesis Eluesis
    I'm so utterly fond of Entheogenic that I may not be objective when it comes to this duo. Let the music speak. Edit: not correct to say "duo", Entheogenic has long since become the project of Piers Oak-Rhind. God bless him. 9/10
  36. Conscious Comfort
    by Ryanosaurus
    Shtab Shtab
    Groovy, slow, dark, solar, experimental, classical... all in one. Absolute must-have for fans of downtempo. A true gem. 8/10
  37. Tides of Twilight
    by Subaqueous
    Insistent Shades (Feat. Kalpataru Tree) Insistent Shades (Feat. Kalpataru Tree)
    Slow beats, hypnotic textures, dark atmospheres, prevalent use of minor key. So beautiful, but: a) avoid if in a depressed mood; b) listen preferably after dusk, better at night. 8/10
  38. Immerge
    by Subaqueous
    Invoking Invoking
    Amazing downtempo album. The guy has talent, that's for sure. 8/10. Update after two days of more careful listening: it's not just amazing, it's a stunning album. 8.5/10
  39. Ethneomystica Vol. 1 (Free download)
    by Mystic Sound Records
    Riddlefish (Maiia 2014 Remix) Riddlefish (Maiia 2014 Remix)
    Ten downtempo tracks from ten different producers for our utmost enjoyment. My preference goes to Yggdrasil, Radioactive Sandwich, Globular and Yechidah, yet somehow I like all the tracks (except maybe Mahaon's: please don't put heavily distorted guitars into downtempo!). 7.5/10
  40. Bloomsday
    by Esbe
    Float Float
    Esbe gives a true meaning to the word "fusion", beyond every stereotype. I can only think of Bonobo in the same vein. This album is a long journey between jazz, soul, hip-hop, chillout just to name a few. Excellent. 8/10
  41. Aurorae EP
    by Amethystium
    Nightfall Nightfall
    Generally speaking, I don't like ambient because more often than not it's beatless and insisting on same keyboard chords for too long, which I find boring. This one suits me fine, I would classify it as "dynamic" ambient for my lack of a better notion. Really beautiful. 7.5/10
  42. All Things Passing
    by Kalpataru Tree
    All Things Passing All Things Passing
    How KT succeds in blending organic and synth sounds is something that leaves me astonished and so pleased. This album is no exception. Grand. 8/10
  43. Preverberations from the Infinite Future
    by Kalpataru Tree
    Chimera Pyramid Chimera Pyramid
  44. Luminosophy
    by Kalpataru Tree
    Art Official Nature Art Official Nature
    This album sounds really psychedelic, not because of strange synth effects but thanks to wise use of mesmerising bass lines, soft drums and hypnotic textures. Pay attention, can be addictive. 8.5/10
  45. Scattered Fragments of the Eternal Dream - ReMastered
    by Kalpataru Tree
    Moonbloom Moonbloom
    Slow, hypnotic and soothing vibes. Psydub and beyond. So beautiful. 8/10